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How to Be Single

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Everything seems cool when you have a hot girlfriend next to you. Men look at you with jealousy and water in their mouth, wondering what you have that they don’t. But it’s not cool when, inside walls, she’s a bitch dragging you down and destroying you completely, both mentally and physically, while demanding children and marriage as if you were just a sperm machine.

And it is even worse when you dump her and realize that your friends live in a worse situation and have absolutely no idea about how to be single or even deal with their crazy girlfriend when they have one. And well, this is why I wrote this book, for you to wake up and stop being a dork with false pride expecting the right woman to fall from the sky.

  1. Limitations as Just Perceptions
  2. Beyond Any Assumptions
  3. How Women Choose Men
  4. Flirting with Women
  5. Any Man Can Be Loved
  6. Adapting to Nordic Women
  7. Escalating the Social Ladder
  8. Where to Find Hotter Women
  9. Where to Meet Women
  10. How to Use Jealousy to Get Women
  11. Being Yourself and Attracting Women
  12. Hidden Dangers in Laziness
  13. Why I’m Fast at Meeting Women
  14. Having Fun and Meeting Women
  15. Expanding Your Awareness
  16. Exceptions to Notice
  17. Advantages in Being Different
  18. How to Make Women Curious
  19. Creating Opportunities
  20. Distinguishing Quality Women and Bitches
  21. Why You Shouldn’t Chase Women
  22. The Greatest Secret PUAs Won’t Tell You
  23. How to Become a Magnet to Women
  24. How to Become Better with Women
  25. How to Create Sexual Desire
  26. Building a Dating Warrior
  27. Fuck the Past!

Limitations as Just Perceptions

Getting a new girlfriend is like making money. When you’re doing what nobody else does, you’re called crazy and dumb, and once you succeed and have sex with two girls at the same time (which I expect to accomplish with two super hot Latvian girls by next month when they move to my apartment in Lithuania), your friends either call you lucky or imagine that you went to one of those Indian Jones caves to steal a fucking magic secret with 6 thousand years old, and had to run from a gigantic ball to bring it back from the jungle to the civilized world.

The truth is that, until the moment in which you can accomplish anything, and not necessarily two girls in bed at the same time, you’re just another idiot. And unless you know how to be single, you’ll be perceived as an idiot.

What this book intends to show you is how to get a sense of pride and self-worth while being single, because this is what will make the difference when you want to attract a woman or even many women into your life. [...]


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