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How to Get Laid in China

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Upon arriving in China, you soon realize that there are plenty of good choices available, much more than you could predict.

There are plenty of beautiful women everywhere. Nonetheless, what you do and how, may lead you to nothing, to plenty within weeks or to marriage in less than three months, as I’ve seen many times. Everything depends exactly on what you’re looking for and how willing are you in following the rules stated in this book.

Not everyone can do it and, in fact, even though a very small portion makes it big time, and I did had the fortune to meet most of them, or at least the women they had sex with, a huge percentage of foreign men in that country simply hates men like me, while doing their best to take us out of the game, because they simply can’t compete with.

What makes an Alpha man is a very specific attribute in his personality, and the ones that aren’t will never have it. The loser-type wants as much women as possible, without even selecting them – fat, ugly, old, etc, and fears any type of competition in any level.