How to Successfully Break the Dating Rules

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There isn’t such a thing as pickup rules that fit everyone, and none in rejection prove. On the other hand, breaking the rules of the game always leads to more understanding, not just about dating, but also, and foremost, about yourself, your nature and your perceptions of women.

In this book - How to Successfully Break the Dating Rules , you will learn many things that usually aren’t taught to men. Many of these suggestions may seem completely out of the box, unrealistic and illogic. And yet, they will help you grow as a human being and make you better at interacting with women. With the intention of making you see another side of the dating world, you have here a guide into your own mind, because it certainly doesn’t stop in what you’ll learn here. This is just the beginning.

The topics included here are as follow:

The benefits of having female friends;

How to get women to approach you first;

What all women secretly want and desire;

Why Women are so emotional;

How to get your ex back;

How to be the man any woman wants;

10 questions you should ask women.

  1. The Benefits of Having Female Friends
  2. How to Get Women to Approach You First
  3. How to Create Sexual Chemistry
  4. What All Women Secretly Want and Desire
  5. Why Women Are So Emotional
  6. How to Last Longer in Bed
  7. How to Get Your Ex Back
  8. How to Be the Man Any Woman Wants
  9. 10 Questions You Should Ask Women”

The Benefits of Having Female Friends

I believe every woman is attractive in her own way. And surely every man’s trash is some other man’s gold. But it’s quite hard to feel comfortable with a woman that makes me feel nervous by being nervous herself when near me. I'm a very open-minded person but I wouldn't do anything that women aren’t comfortable with. I'm glad to have had many in my place actually, because it's much more comfortable than being outside, and I love to have female friends. I think every woman has the potential to be a great friend, even though few deserve the title of girlfriend; and whenever a woman comes to my place, she should come without making a fuss about it, because I can behave normally, and I don’t have my brain in my balls.

Women shouldn’t generalize men. We are not very different from women. The main difference is that men's emotions tend to develop physically, so we need sex to understand ourselves, while women make the whole perception within their mind, far before anything happens. That's why women and men that think too much end up alone. […]


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