How to Talk to a Beautiful Woman

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Many times, in social interactions, women can leave us speechless, not knowing what to say, or they might say something that inverts the roles in a conversation, therefore confusing us and leaving us dumbfounded. But now you can be in control of the whole interaction with women without ever losing such leadership.

In this book - How to Talk to a Beautiful Woman , you will learn how to keep a conversation exciting and interesting, from start to end, without selling your confidence away to a woman’s needs or feel desperate about it. Here, you will learn which three powerful words you can tell a woman to make her chase you and want you, the differences between being a man that women want or a guy that women reject, what makes women decide to sleep with a guy, the qualities women seek in men, and much more. This book will revolutionize the way you look at dating and social interactions and turn you into a more mature alpha man with a success level that will be the jealousy of all your male friends.

  1. The Three Most Powerful Words You Can Say to A Woman
  2. Why Women Seek Dominant Partners?
  3. How to Flirt With A Woman Without Being A Creep
  4. How to Speak Like An Alpha Male
  5. How to Interact In Groups of Women
  6. The Qualities In Men That Women Find Attractive
  7. What Really Makes a Woman Want to Sleep With a Man?
  8. The Mysterious Charm of Bad Boys
  9. How to Handle the Nasty and Bitchy Women?
  10. How to Answer a Woman’s Questions?
  11. 35 Questions You Can Ask a Woman

The Three Most Powerful Words You Can Say to A Woman

Many men keep asking me about how to talk to a woman. They think I do it naturally and easily. But the only reason why this happens with me, is because I learned from experience how to interpret the female behavior. Furthermore, it quite depends on the woman you have in front of you, as they don’t come with an instructions manual, and you can’t really control them as if it was just another drone. You need to look at the woman in front of you and act accordingly because they are all different and they can also adjust to your behavior. Yes, women have this annoying capacity to adjust to whatever you say and do, even when you forget about it, just to test you endlessly. Then, you have the fights, the dramas, the breakups, and on and on. But nothing happens from one side only, believe me. Many insecurities that women manifest come from men giving them mixed signals. And if a woman hits on you and then disappears with another guy, is because you didn’t gave her the signals she was looking for or you[…]


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