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How to Text a Girl

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This book on How to Text a Girl is based on the research analysis of a real online conversation between two persons that barely knew each other, and that started banging one another after a one night stand.

One is a guy that bangs multiple girls at the same time, and the other is our girl, Daisy. Daisy gave away their conversation for the purpose of this book upon realizing that she was being cheated by a guy having sex with multiple women and not just her.

Along these chapters, you will have a chance to see how a real Player manipulates a woman into having sex with her multiple times, and which strategies he uses, even when she doesn’t like him and doesn’t want sex with him.

Along the conversations between these two, you will have a clear psychological analysis of the process occurring in each other’s mind to finally understand how to text any woman properly.

  1. Texting Lesson 01 - Dating Multiple Girls
  2. Texting Lesson 02 - Canceling Dates
  3. Texting Lesson 03 - Making Her Feel Special
  4. Texting Lesson 04 - Getting Her Back
  5. Texting Lesson 05 - Having Sex When She Doesn’t Like You
  6. Texting Lesson 06 - Checking if She’s Available
  7. Texting Lesson 07 - Using a Problem to See Her
  8. Texting Lesson 08 - Cheating On a Girl
  9. Texting Lesson 09 - Praising a Woman
  10. Texting Lesson 10 - Getting More Bangs
  11. Texting Lesson 11 - Building Passion
  12. Texting Lesson 12 - Making Her Fall in Love
  13. Texting Lesson 13 - Dealing with Jealousy

Texting Lesson 01 - Dating Multiple Girls

 Player: Hi Daisy, My crazy boss is angry at me for using my work phone for personal purposes. Please do not answer my work phone or number; If you do answer just tell her you are my colleague from the foreign language department. Do this for me because I might be fired over it. I am sorry to involve you. She may not admit to being my boss, so be careful. Best not to answer my number.

The guy got scared because Daisy may call him while he’s with one of the other girls. So he found a way to bullshit both. Smart, no?! Each one will play dumb with the other like this. And he later goes back...

 Player: Thanks so much! My boss has taken my work phone now so please don’t text or call it. I’ll call you Monday. [...]


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