How to Travel Inside the Female Brain

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This book about the Female Brain is built upon a various amount of questions that were asked to different women from several nationalities around the world. Most of these questions were repeated, sometimes with slight differences, to analyze trends in behaviors. But, generally speaking, the conversations were selected in order to give an overview on how most women, and especially beautiful women, think.

This research, and the notes below every interaction, will allow you to see more clearly into the female mind and know why women behave in certain ways.


1. Why Do Women Create Jealousy?

2. Why Do Women Ask if You Are Single?

3. How Do Women Select a Guy?

4. How Do Women Differentiate Themselves from Men?

5. Why Do Women Play Hard to Get?

6. Do Women Hate Being Ignored?

7. What’s the Best Way to Insult a Woman?

8. Are Women Crazy?

9. Why Beautiful Women Can Be Lonely?

10. Why Women Withdraw After Starting a Relationship?

11. Why Women Don’t Care about Competition?

12. Can Women Be Honest?

13. Why Do Women Play Cat and Mouse Games?

14. Why Women Give Suggestions to Men?

15. When Do Women Confuse Themselves?

16. When is a Woman Willing to See You?

17. Are Women Dangerous?”

18. Can Women Swallow Their Own Words?

19. Do Women Really Need to Think?

20. Why Do Women Refuse a Date?

21. Why Your Feelings Don’t Matter to Women?

22. How Women Perceive Romance?

23. What Advantage Do Men Have?

24. Why Do Women Flirt?

25. How Do Women Perceive Emotions?

26. Do Women Know What They Want?

27. How to Make a Woman Forgive You?

28. How Angry Can a Woman Be?

29. Why Do Women Change their Decisions?

30. When Can’t Women Understand You?

31. Why Do Women FriendZone Men?

32. What Makes Women Want to Have Sex?

33. How Important are External Factors in Decisions?

34. Which Criteria Women Use to Sleep with a Man?

35. Why Do Women Play Games?

36. Why Do Women Avoid Men?

37. Why Do Women Want to Evaluate their Competitors?

38. How to Make a Woman Interested?

39. What Do Women Really Want?

40. Do Women Like Sexualized Conversations?

41. Do Women Like When Men Persist?

42. Should You Mention Ex-boyfriends?

43. Is Religion a Good Topic of Conversation?

44. Should You Apologize for Misbehavior?

45. How to Change a Woman’s Mind?

46. Is there Anything Such as “Going Too Fast”?

47. Is it Always a Man’s Fault?

48. Is Love Unidirectional?

49. How to Get a Woman to Reply You?

50. How Women Invite Men on a Date?

51. What Kind of Men Women Want?

52. Why Do Women Invalidate Men?

53. How Do Women Feel Connected to Men?

54. How to Ignore Women like They Do?


1. Why Do Women Create Jealousy?

 Her: That was my boyfriend.

 Me: I’m sure he’s proud of you, as he can see you making efforts to move upwards in life.

 Note: Women in relationships will still want to upgrade boyfriend and will test both options in jealousy to see which represents the best choice. The one that resists less shows to be less needy. Soon after her boyfriend left and she heard this answer, she volunteered to give me her Facebook account as well as the account of her female friend that wasn’t there.

 Answer: To choose between men.”


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