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The Woman Every Man Wants

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During our whole life, we experience the worst and the best from everyone we encounter, never knowing about how much these experiences affect our life.

We grow more positive or negative, depending on the amount of negativity or positivity received from life experiences. But are we victims or martyrs? Do we deserve such things? The answer to any of such questions will define who we are, what we do, and the decisions we make.

These decisions, however, will reflect back in our identity, reinforcing what already exists.

There’s no such thing as being stronger or weaker, but merely more unaware of our own power and responsibility towards existence, or a false pride about what our life is all about. Lack of answers define a strong ideal and value, and not the opposite. […]

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  1. What is Love
  2. What Makes a Woman Attractive
  3. How to Attract a Man
  4. How to Choose a Boyfriend
  5. How to Behave on a Date
  6. How to Listen to Men and Make Them Happy
  7. Sex and Long-Term Relationships

What is Love

 We can divide love in many layers, such as the love for ourselves, love for a social group, love for animals and life in general, and the love for a partner. And would we say that love is possible without any or part of these? We can, if we don’t hold a truthful meaning of what love is. You see, love doesn’t have many interpretations, because at the end it’s proven in what sustains life. A life can’t be sustained in pain and suffering, but merely joy, and joy can’t be found in just obtaining it but mostly and also in giving. Those that want to find joy in just gaining are never satisfied and always want more. But the ones finding joy in giving can realize it in the most simple acts and that’s why they give all the time. People that want dogs are people that feel pleasure in feeding and taking caring for these animals. The same would happen in meetings with friends in which we feel pleasure in sharing our joys and thoughts. So, what could we say for those that have it all, and can’t get love? […]”


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