Awakening to Abundance

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Life on earth if full of contradictions, differences and contrasts that complement themselves in order to provide a greater understanding about the meaning of our spiritual existence.

Very few people are capable of analyzing these facts from different perspectives and combine the reasons that allow perceiving God’s plan, making it possible to manifest a more abundant life. Indeed, existence has a purpose as a whole and our personal life interacts within this dynamic in order to lead our soul to its ascension.

Whoever said that heaven is just a door outside death didn’t disclose the complete truth and lack of such awareness is what forces many to reincarnate several times and repeat the same mistakes despite their faith or religious practices.

In this book - Awakening to Abundance, you will have a chance to understand the rules that govern our planet and how to apply them in life, not only to fulfill God’s intentions, but also so that “you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers” (John 1:2, in the Bible). [...]

  1. The Prison Planet
  2. The Slaves of Earth
  3. The Spiritual Rapture
  4. The Sacrifice
  5. The Illusion Within
  6. The Hidden Knowledge
  7. The Wrong Path
  8. The Eternal Children
  9. The Secret Meaning of Money
  10. Why God Helps the Rich
  11. The Paradigm of Health and Wealth
  12. The Way to Empowerment
  13. The Limitations of the Mind

The Prison Planet

  When born in this planet, we immediately get attached to the material wonders that are shown to us. We feel attracted to colors, textures and physical pleasures.

  As babies, we feel the pleasure in our mouth and, as adults, this pleasure becomes part of our eating habits, guided, not by fundamental principles that uplift out health, but the fulfillment of a need to complement an emptiness that we cannot describe with words or see in our thoughts.

This emptiness is constantly growing from different fields in our life, namely, our perception of money, our psychological weaknesses and our relationships with others. [...]


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