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Gnosis is a Greek word meaning “knowledge”. In this case, knowledge acquired by direct experience and personal understanding, contrary to knowledge acquired by the accumulation of information.

Gnosis or Gnosticism is the essence of humanity’s wisdom, expressed in art, science, philosophy and religious traditions. It is the understanding of sacred geometry and the rules that control the whole universe. It was the faith of the Christians who were persecuted by the Catholic Church, and later the faith of the Knights Templar, once they discovered the Gnostic gospels.

The path of Gnosis is developed through meditation, by opening the Third Eye, traveling astrally, developing psychic abilities, talking to saints, avatars, guides, and even by talking to the dead.

The ultimate purpose is to develop an aura of Saint and finally merge with God. Those who follow this path, develop mastery once in possession of powers that transcend their body, such as fortunetelling, premonitions, telepathic abilities, and so on. And they do know that darkness is necessary for there to be light, they embrace it, but they ultimately work on the side of the light to bring order out of chaos. They are co-creators with God, builders or masons that co-create with the architect of the universe, God.

  1. The God of the Gnostics
  2. The Gnostic Path to Conscience
  3. The Divine Will
  4. The Gnostic Hell
  5. The Gnostic Healing
  6. The Gnostic Practice of Meditation
  7. Recommended Literature

The God of the Gnostics

 The forms and symbols, as well as the myths, change according to culture and different time periods, but only in what concerns external aspects. They are adapted to the mentality, language and habits of the people where they are found, although the essence remains the same: To guide a human being towards his own inner development, his spiritual self, which will then reflect in his external and material world.

 The idea of a Creator, a God, is manifested in all religions as one. But this God, in order to create, has to become a Trinity. This truth can be found in Hinduism, Christianity, The Jewish Kabbalah, Taoism, Sufism, Druidism, Mithraism, Ancient Egyptian Faiths and many other religions. As a matter of fact, whenever the idea of a God comes from a collective, it is still manifested as a collective conscience, or a single conscience emerging from different beings operating as one. [...]


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