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Hardcore Spirituality

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I do not notice much change between those that are in one religion or another, from the most popular to the most secretive. In general, all religions promote one truth, that very few are able to acknowledge or recognize, even when spending their entire life inside a certain path, no matter how advanced it might seem. The only apparent difference seems to be that, the followers do care more about each other when addressing those that are inside their circle as being special.

It is really impressive to notice, in these modern times, how much most people believe that their religion is supreme to all others. Indeed, arrogance never stops impressing me. Because, in itself, arrogance neglects its own and obvious level of ignorance supporting it.

I always hear things like, “when I found this group, I never had to search for another any longer”, as if such individuals had found the best. And yet, such quest often lasted no more than two to three religions.

The sense of feeling stupid seems to easily get deceived by the sense of feeling special. It makes us wonder if, in ancient times, people behaved in the same way and said to each other, "I used to be like you, praying to thirty-three different gods, but now I only have one and I feel much more enlightened".

The content exposed in all groups that I have met for the past thirty years of my life hasn't show any improvement. Quite the opposite. Religion is very commonly becoming a kindergarten for adults. It is as if people predisposed themselves to feel accommodated with the sense of feeling good about being happy and stupid. In fact, the ones attending more secretive meetings could be compared to the children that enjoy playing games that need to be hidden from adults. And that, when you look at what they're doing, doesn't seem like anything that needs to be kept secretive.

The question nonetheless, remains: Is there such thing as a mature and truthful religion?

While for many this question has been answered, I truly believe that the answer evolved with humanity. Otherwise, I would not have written this book.

Here, I will show you in which direction religion, and spirituaityly in general, should be going, because the one and unifying religion of the future must be complete in all ways, and that is only possible when maintained by superior minds, supported by superior hearts and strengthen by superior souls.

In this sense, this book intends to give you a glimpse of such future, and such religion, at least, to make you part of it in spirit before such reality comes to this world. This is an introduction to the supreme religion of the future, the only religion that will never change over thousands of years.

  1. Maturing as an Earthly Spirit
  2. The Road to Freedom from Falsehoods
  3. What an Illusion Truly is
  4. The Religious Hypocrisy
  5. Jesus was Black and Muhammad was White
  6. The Purpose of Atheism and Cults
  7. How People Confuse Themselves & How to Answer Them
  8. Why I am Not Against Scientology or Any Other Religion
  9. Why Some Secrets Should Remain Secret
  10. How Our Reincarnations Determines Our Level of Awareness
  11. The Difference Between the Author and His Work
  12. The Truth Manifested by Nature
  13. The Purpose of an Ethical Life
  14. What Enlightenment Truly Is
  15. The Universal Truth
  16. The Truth Hidden in Music Patterns
  17. The Truth Hidden in Music Patterns
  18. How God Created Aesthetics to Offer Enlightenment
  19. How We Find Our Connection with the Divine
  20. The Divine Codes
  21. The Reorganization of Spirituality
  22. The Way Out of the Darkness and Slavery
  23. The Facts and the Truth
  24. How an Alien Perspective Changes Everything
  25. The Faith of the Fools
  26. The Quest for Power and World Domination
  27. The Goal of Power is Always More Power

Maturing as an Earthly Spirit

 When I was working with children and saw one hiding from the rest of the group, I always rushed to see what he or she could be doing, worried for their safety. And then, their reaction was always something like, "my mother doesn't let me play with sticks”, or "the other kids don't like me”.

 Now, what is interesting about this story, is that it prevails, thirty, sixty, or even seventy years later, in many adults that seem to have never grown beyond their childlike vision of reality. The only difference is that, at this point, they find many others telling them that such "stick" is powerful and the seekers of the "stick philosophy" are special individuals. And to witness this, is as sadly dramatic as it is hilariously shocking. I really tend to feel trapped between laughing, feeling sad for them and feeling confused about myself for being among them. [...]


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