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How to Stop Feeling Lost in Life and Find What You Love

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The world changes rapidly and most people, specially the youngest generation, feels lost about what to do with their life and which choices to make.

So this book - How to Stop Feeling Lost in Life was written thinking about them. It provides a path regarding how to find guidance in life and understand what life really is.

In doing this, it is possible to find here many inspiring ideas and insights about the meaning of our existence and how we can be successful, even when we have no idea about what to do with our future or how to get there.

  1. Why you should’t worry
  2. The key to success
  3. Why you shouldn’t judge yourself
  4. The simplicity of life
  5. Explaining the future with the past

Why you should’t worry

 You shouldn't worry about being lost in life. I was lost all my life, and in that mess I found myself. Besides, I know today that if I didn’t get lost, I would not be who I am today. In other words, when we're lost, we have a chance to truly find ourselves. And yes, this requires doing a bunch of mistakes along the way, learn from them, and move on, leaving the guilt aside, forgetting our resentments, abandoning our fears and needs, and just move on.

 I didn't choose to become a writer and I had no idea that I could be one. I still feel embarrassed to answer what I do for a living, when people ask me this question, because I went so far that I can't really answer anymore why I write books, how I wrote so many, how it is possible to make money with this business, etc. I'm not in that reality anymore, but my world is very real to me. It's just not a world that I can easily share with others, because even for me, came as a surprise. One thing led to another and another, and another... [...]


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