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There is a direct relation between money and health. This book explains how both our mental and psychological health can influence our salary, business and even future in many other areas of life.

As an energy, money affects our emotions and the vibration that we emanate, therefore indirectly interfering with many other goals we may want to achieve.

There is a way to improve our health by following simple but precise guidelines that uplift our vibrational field, and it is revealed here.

Learn more with this book about prosperity.

  1. Acknowledging Reality
  2. How to understand money
  3. The Relation Between Money and Health
  4. Reasons for Sickness
  5. Emotions and Wealth
  6. The Vibration of Wealth

Acknowledging Reality

 Money, the greatest illusion of the material world, traps many humans in superficial spendings, and this has also happened to me before. We think that our life is normal but ignore the need to spend money to satisfy our damaged ego and balance our frustrations and sadness. Moreover, most of our behaviors are impulses to compensate something else, reason why marketing focuses so much on this point.

 Money did trap me in the huge amount of books that I bought but never had time to read and were then taken away from me by those that didn’t want me to read them. The need for social recognition trapped me in the attitude of always doing things for others, which made me lose interest and love for music. Having a good job, may feed the illusion of social status but depression will tell you that it means nothing, and that was another challenge, i.e., knowing that I had a status but felt empty inside. [...]


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