Secrets of Alchemy

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Most people don’t know how to recreate their life, change thinking patterns and find their life purpose. The reason is often hidden at sight, as it is related to the symbiotic relation between visible and invisible, between the spiritual and the material.

This relation between worlds manifests in our mind, vibration, emotions and even in a planetary scale. You cannot dissociate any of the parts and try to understand the whole at the same time.

Therefore, the purpose of the information here presented in Secrets of Alchemy will show you what ancient alchemists knew about the spirit, the mystic triangle of life, and how we can use it to form new paradigms, change our personality and attract a better future. And these techniques are more powerful when used to apply the law of attraction. [...]

  1. The Formation of a Paradigm
  2. The Manifestation of Paradigms
  3. The Activation of Chi
  4. The Exercise of Will
  5. Accepting and Surrendering
  6. The Symbiotic Relation
  7. Conscience and Spirituality
  8. How to Recreate a Reality
  9. Similarities and Differences
  10. Becoming Someone Else
  11. Potentials of the Mystic Triangle
  12. Identifying the Right Path

The Formation of a Paradigm

 As you change, so your reality changes. And when this happens, your whole paradigm about that reality changes too. The relation between the elements composing your identity, awareness and karmic paradigm, are naturally interrelated with the physical world, which always necessarily effects your inner emotional state.

 When a shift occurs, your start observing reality in a completely different way, and no more can you identify and recognize your old you. Your friends and relatives certainly won’t. They will not identify you as the person you once were, because they will see that you’ve changed. And we can’t say that the changes can sometimes be bad, because even bad changes have an inner meaning, including if that meaning consists of the necessity for a specific awareness or death itself. [...]


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