Spiritual Rebirth

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We tend to look at the duality in life as being either good or bad, but what if I told you that it's always good?

When you lose the love of one person for one or many reasons, you can discover that there are dozens of other people that love you for no reason; when you can't find the knowledge that you need after reading many books, you may receive two words from a stranger that completely change your heart in a new direction; when you feel lost and unappreciated by others, you may get the best ideas for your future; And even if you lose everything in life, you can realize how rich you are already.

The one who has nothing is already and truly rich enough. Dualities exist only to make us realize how wealthy we already are, whatever is the path chosen to realize it. [...]

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  1. The Spiritual Meaning of Fire
  2. The Spiritual Conscience Emerging from Fire
  3. The Purpose of Love in the Spiritual Cycle
  4. The Life Quest for Finding Love
  5. Forgiveness and the Meaning of Unconditional Love
  6. How the Heart Helps Our Mind to Forgive and Let Go

The Spiritual Meaning of Fire

 Do you remember how happy you felt when sharing food with someone else like two candles sharing the same light? Do you remember how safe you felt in the arms of your lover, wrapped around your body, or the heat of his/her body next to yours? That's the type of fire that you must allow to burn within you in order to transform you.

 You are not meant to transform into who you think you were, into who you think you are, and not even into who you think you deserve to be, or into who you think you are supposed to be. Any transformation must be addressed in what regards becoming a person that is far much more than all that was mentioned above and beyond your wildest dreams. And this, because whatever you think is never real. Thoughts are merely preconceived ideas rooted on outdated beliefs. And you cannot transfer an outdated thought to an updated reality. One of them inevitably dies along the way. Either you embrace a new reality and adjust your beliefs accordingly, or you justify rejecting that new reality based on old beliefs. [...]


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