Spiritual Warfare

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Many of us go through life not knowing how to change ourselves, and much less face adversity with a renewed set of values. It may take years to even realize that we have a spiritual problem to solve. And still, when that moment comes, most can’t find the answers they seek in any religious congregation.

Our spiritual battles tend to be more devastating and hurtful than any others, and the increasing consumption of antidepressants, as well as the rapidly increasing number of suicides in the world tell us exactly that. As a matter of fact, it is in countries with the highest suicide rates that this spiritual war becomes so obvious, for various reasons that this book explains in detail.

Due to lack of sufficient knowledge on how to handle spiritual confrontations, most of us tend to face repetitive problems, and even succumb into self-abasement. This occurs because we were taught the wrong things by our parents and school teachers, many times even by our priests and spiritual leaders, while being led into believing that the social values we grew up with were correct. And well, they are not. But as adults we can’t face that anymore, as it makes us rethink our true nature, question our entire existence, and while forcing us to rediscover our true self. The work, and the consequences of its results, even if positive, is immense. And this is why most people don’t want to change, even when knowing that they need to, including when seeing themselves self-destroy their own life.

We then wonder why those around us don’t change, when we see in them things that require an urgent shift of attitude; and yet, we rarely look at ourselves to ask why we can’t or won’t change. And along this path, we go through life complaining about others and not looking at our real self, our identity and the core of our heart, all of what makes us humans of a spiritual nature. That, obviously, demands a deep introspection and a confrontation in front of the mirror of truth. And the vast majority of the population, either doesn’t want to do that, or doesn’t possess the necessary weapons to withstand the turmoil that unravels within during those very dark moments. Instead of that, most choose to wear a mask of goodness, and here we find another spiritual trap in which the vast majority falls easily.

We can only overcome such states of mind by looking at what we are doing with our life and with ourselves; and before we can even recognize the deep web of complexities we are in. Only afterwards, can we start seeking for answers that make any sense, and lead to effective results. And if you have reached this stage so far in your life, this book is surely for you, for it will guide you towards the values and rules that make people want to change, while explaining how such changes are made.

This is not just a book about how to change yourself, help others, or face a spiritual warfare, but also a book that will give you the full spectrum of what changes are, and while explaining why most people always change, quite often, for worse. And so, with this in mind, it is hoped that this compilation of information can guide you towards your most desired dreams, and despite the paradigms of the masses which are destined only to entrap you.

  1. Introduction
  2. Why is Demonic Possession Widespread?
  3. How Does Demonic Possession Begin?
  4. How does the Devil Gaslights You?
  5. How Can the Devil Destroy a Religion?
  6. The Favorite Weapon of the Devil
  7. How to Overcome You Spiritual Struggles
  8. How to Confront Your Spiritual Problems
  9. How to Win in Life with Faith
  10. How Lust Corrupts the Soul
  11. The Importance of Trust in Love
  12. Can We Change Others?
  13. Why is Introspection so Important?
  14. How to Choose Your Friends
  15. Can We Change the Physical World?
  16. Is Selfishness Necessary for Happiness?
  17. How to Evolve as a Spiritual Being
  18. Why God Despises the Majority
  19. How to Embrace the Holy Truth
  20. How to Love Your Enemies
  21. The Infantile Mind of Most Adults
  22. How to Protect Your Soul
  23. The Deception in Atheism
  24. The Importance of Prayer
  25. The Prayer of the Cross
  26. The Prayer of the Pentagram
  27. The Prayer to the God of the Invisible World
  28. The Prayer of the Chakras
  29. The Prayer of Hope
  30. The Prayer of Good Fortune
  31. The Prayer for Exorcism
  32. The Prayer for Soul Liberation
  33. The Prayer of St. Michael


How Demonic Possession Became Widespread

The world is rapidly changing, and creating three divisions among people. These divisions are precisely and interestingly portrayed in many apocalyptical movies. One group, the masses, represents the living dead, the braindead, the zombies, reacting on impulse and completely unaware of what they do or why. It is as Jesus said, when dying on the cross: “They do now know what they do” (Luke 23:34). These individuals are being moved around, pulled and pushed, against their will, or under their will, if we consider they have none - no conscience whatsoever, or even a sufficient amount of empathy to justify any. They tend to think that it is all within their will, and so, when feeling this energy within them, in their heart, they cannot process an explanation for it. As they are non-human, or pre-human, they have to process the transformations within their mind; and in doing so, they find a reason for it outside of themselves. Very often, the reason found for their emotion is the opposite of what would be logical to assume - they attack the innocent, the passive, the kind, in search for a scapegoat to blame for their misfortunes.

But why are the innocent attacked? Well, the answer is that, basically, they cannot or do not want to defend themselves. That’s why they make the perfect victims; for they create the ideal scapegoat; I.e., they are, or willingly become, what others seek.

Many are the reasons that turn people evil, perfectly described in psychiatry as a form of psychopathy, and in religion as demonic possession. Whatsoever is the case, or the perspective adopted, all paths turn towards the same end when we look at narcissism, or more precisely, Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Not only all characteristics are parallel to psychopathy and spiritual possession, but also in line with what the bible tells us about the last days on earth: “People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, and not lovers of the good, but treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God“ (Timothy 3:1).

This is indeed in accordance with the way society is transforming itself. It is now known that Narcissism is not just a mental disease of the minority, but a mental illness on the rise, quickly spreading to the whole of humanity. And few know, through parallels between religion and psychiatry, that Narcissism is just a new found scientific word to describe demonic possession; or in other words, demonic possession is on the rise. It is expanding very fast. And when I was investigating why it is so, for the past two decades, I found a bridge between two worlds - mental and spiritual, which creates a vacuum, an open space for demons to take possession of an individual.

Evil spirits whisper. They do not have direct control over a soul unless allowed. The permission, as the process of spiritual possession, is gradual, and comes through the conceiving of small but consistent spiritual exchanges along time. It might start as a simple lie, a robbery of small proportions, until it becomes the slander of an innocent, the deliberate manipulation of a group of people, or even the family of the narcissist; and then becomes the submission to others alike, the abuse of alcohol, consumption of drugs, and promiscuous activities. At this point, completely immersed on the pleasures of the flesh and the mind, the Narcissist, learns, as a vampire, to draw energy from others, by feeding on their suffering - he or she learns to enjoy the pain of other people. And it is here, in this moment, that the demonic possession is completed.

A person literally becomes evil when he or she depends on the enjoyment of evil activities and the entertainment of evil thoughts to feel alive - when becoming one with the demon within. Once this stage begins, the Narcissist can’t ever again be alone with himself or herself, and, under the control of the host, begins a quest for blood on humanity. Obviously, as a predator, his most sought victims are the most innocent, the most vulnerable and the naive. Therefore, this social vampire learns to use his best attributes, both physical and mental, for constant seduction, while studying the vulnerabilities of the most desired prey. As such, the preferred method comes in the form of sexual alluring, manipulation and the preying on the victim’s needs and weaknesses. For they need to be invited in, and these three methods are the physical doors to the mind and energy supply of their targets. “They do evil for the same reason a drug addict does drugs: because it makes them feel good. Hurting and degrading others affects them like a pain killer they get high on” (Kathleen Krajco).

It is not a coincidence that such vampires are usually atheists, for religion and moral has nothing that resembles their mindset. Nonetheless, many will disguise themselves as moralists by hiding inside religious groups, for here they have an abundance of, if not victims, energy supply and an open training ground. There’s no better place to practice mind control, than on congregations filled with those who blindly trust anyone inside their group. And so, you will find the greatest abundance of vampires on Christian and Muslim congregations.

As the number of spiritually possessed individuals, or vampires, increases, we will also continue seeing a growing number of such people, gradually, but consistently, destroying all of humanity. Worse than that, is to notice that they act in group, and tend to respect only those who are like them. Quite often, they associate themselves in hierarchies, and as such, you’ll also find an Alpha Vampire among a group of Vampires, controlling them and telling them what to do and what to think, an individual whom, interestingly, they blindly follow and can die for, or sacrifice anything to, including their own partners and family. And why they do that? Because they are not humans like the rest of us. “The brain of a predator just does not relate to the living soul of its prey. Watch the behavior, and look into the eyes, of predatory animals while they’re making a kill. There’s nothing there. They are like machines at that moment. They must be, or they couldn’t do it… Humans are animals too and have that same predatory mode. Nature endowed us with it as hunters. It’s in everyone. But in narcissists and sociopaths something has gone haywire. They go into this mode against their own kind. And they are permanently in this mode against all their own kind. Because they don’t view themselves as of our kind. They think we are here to feed them, just as we think cattle are here to feed us. They can’t help it” (Kathleen Krajco).


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