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The Devil’s World

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As the world becomes a more complex place to live and values are now consumed by propaganda and confused among a vast array of different perspectives, the truth has never been so hidden.

And so, one can question himself as to how to find it and what kind of actions are required from those that seek it. And this is what this book proposes, i.e., a raw and direct approach at the world, without trying to be politically correct and socially just.

As a matter of fact, this book proposes an unveiling of the big lie covering our conscience, a necessary unveiling that will make us embrace the Age of Aquarius with the right attitude and spiritual awareness. And from this new awareness, we can surely imagine a better world for everyone on Earth.

Learn more in The Devil’s World.

  1. The Shapes of Deception
  2. Divided We Are Conquered
  3. The Masks of Modern Tribalism
  4. The Formation of God’s Army
  5. The Values of the Majority
  6. The God, Prophets and Priests of the Lie
  7. The Door Opened by Aquarius
  8. The Division Between Mankind and God

The Shapes of Deception

 Since we were born that we are at war. We may not see it or know about it. In fact, others will often claim that we are insane for believing that such war exists. And yet, it remains, destroying us from within, in various ways. And the only path available to move out of it seems almost impossible to reach.

 This war is fundamentally against ignorance and darkness, because only the ignorant can truly be enslaved. And it manifests in such a variety of forms, that if we look at the forms, we will end up disregarding the real causes. That is why "the essence of independence has been to think and act according to standards from within, not without" (Aleister Crowley).

 Personally, I have faced discrimination by teachers, classmates, and really too many people for most of my life, so I do know very well what it means to be seen as an outcast. That is why I admire those that are at the front of this battle, showing a face and speaking against ridicule and social abuse at all levels. Most of them fall victims of their ignorance. […]


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