The Gnostic Path to Oneness

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The gnostic path is one of self-discovery and self-awareness. Throughout history, many were the masters that have tried to teach it, from Yeshua to Pythagoras, and from the latest to the Rosicrucians and Freemasons of today.

However, few can understand the meaning of following a path towards the inner self, and then use it to shift reality and recreate fate towards existential values that benefit the whole humanity.

And this is what this book promises, a path of self-discovery and introspection, in which the reader is taught how to analyze his own existence at the light of the spiritual masters of the past, in order to be part of a universal plan of love and abundance. [...]

  1. The Gnostic Kingdom
  2. Destiny as a Self-Imposed Path
  3. The Conscience of Oneness
  4. The Reptilian Deception
  5. The Secrets to Gnostic Magic
  6. The Art of Changing Into a Higher Self
  7. The Art of Unveiling Reality

The Gnostic Kingdom

 It is a natural law of this universe that we always become more of what we are, but also that we disappear into what we decide to be. That’s why people never remember who helped them conquer their dreams. When they truly achieve a lot, they commonly forget easily those who’ve helped them. And I’ve noticed the same behavior in both children and adults, and even in my family members.  Furthermore, it’s kind of interesting to notice that they forget once taking ownership of their newly acquired skills. Probably, if they remembered, they wouldn't take them as their own. They would likely not even comprehend them.

 That's why I believe that, if you wish to change the world, you have to do the opposite, you have to not need it. Because, if you’re really good at changing the status of things around you, people will never appreciate you, and you will disappear into a world that merely reflects you better. You will dissolve into this world. [...]


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