The Greatest Secrets of Life

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There has never been a time in human history with so much information as we have now, but also where people have felt so lost and so alone, and so deceived too. This is why this book is so important to you, who seek to find the truth and discover for yourself how to become a better human being, while accumulating everything the planet has to offer - its most outstanding knowledge and insights. For along the following chapters, you will learn how life can be organized properly and how you can follow the patterns shown here, based on sacred geometry, to discover more about your true identity while making decisions that can shift your existence towards a better outcome.

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  1. The Greatest Secret of Life
  2. The Role of Other People in Your Life
  3. How to Make the Right Decision in Life
  4. Beyond The Potential to Manifest Your Dreams
  5. How to Control Your Own Opportunities
  6. When Illusions Change Our Opportunities
  7. The Cost of Our Dreams
  8. The Cycle of Transformation Within You
  9. 8 Easy Ways to Improve Yourself

The Greatest Secrets of Life

During your entire life, you will systematically be faced with three options, which will guide you towards what appears to be a duality, requiring a decision. Only two of those options will seem available to you, for only these are visible - you have the choice to accept or reject what is shown, to follow one path or another, to say ‘yes' or say ‘no’ to someone or something. This will always be obvious. In fact, such illusion is what makes us consider and think and talk about the concepts of good and evil, or good and bad.

There is a third option that very few people can see, and is the possibly of changing the other two options, i.e., the capacity or potential to change circumstances, the situation being presented, or illusion, forcing us to make a choice. Knowing how this third option changes the other two, can also help us in understanding how to find the capacity to change the nature of our own choices.

Your past does not determine your future but is constantly molding it, according to your thoughts. Like seeds, you plant the fortune you reap during any given moment, and especially, during moments that require a greater investment of your emotions; reason why it is always better to cultivate harmony than chaos. Chaos, doubt and perpetual self-inquiries lead one to self-destruction, often through the deceptive marks of the physical world that fool us - the prettier face, the most gentle smile, the apparent friendly advice, the good will of someone who is just as lost as you are.

For these reasons, you must be aware that your past only has as much power as you allow it to have. If you think that you are who you are, that your current persona is the finale of your journey, and the only possible outcome along the construction of your self-image, then that past you have acquired, quite often randomly and without any control on your part, has won its share over your soul. But if you think that you are merely a reflection of that past, a shadow on what was created, a dust in the wind of what could have become, a prototype to something much greater, you are in control of your destiny. And it may seem a great stretch of imagination to assume this, except that when you realize that your consciousness determines the future, you will see that you’re as great as the consciousness you possess. The more aware you are of your own potential to create your reality, the less impact your past will have over you. [...]


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