The Law of God

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Throughout the book several principles of existence, which allow understanding how it processes, are presented.

Through the various chapters is possible to understand the cycles of life, how it transforms and what the influence of karma is.

It is considered as the core element of this work the fact of contributing to the learning of the divine rules and understanding of how they interact constantly in our reality.

Therefore, is enunciated a broad set of rules and how they influence the transformation of reality, in a cycle of which we are co-creators.

Among others, the topics covered are the positive and negative energy, the change of reality and consciousness, as well as the repetition of the experiences and permanence of emotions in time. [...]

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  1. The Flow of Energy and Ethics
  2. The Karmic co-creation
  3. Consciousness
  4. The illusion of the material world
  5. Learning to live is learning to be
  6. The Cycle of Existence
  7. The Karmic Change
  8. The Predetermined Future
  9. Nobody is Inferior to His Problems
  10. The Way of the Spirit

The Flow of Energy and Ethics

 Energy flows through a stream of associations between all that is positive.

 This means that our vital energy, when contaminated by worries and fears, can hardly help us get the mental clarity needed to accelerate the process of attracting something positive into our lives.

 It is important, therefore, to learn to live in ethics, to gain peace of mind.

 People who live without ethics have a constant hidden fear of being discovered and end up wasting all their thoughts in attitudes of self-protection.

 Concentrated in themselves, they can’t evolve spiritually and express themselves in the world that accepts them. [...]


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