The Mystic Laws of Love

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Are we being created by our stories or are we the inspiration of such stories?

For many centuries, many were those who have tried to explain the struggles of the human spirit through life and, in particular, in love and relationships. We do represent, for many thousands of years, the same meanings, the same transmutations, the same roles and the same symbols, in the way we form our experiences. That is why not much was changed ever since someone decided to separate beast, human and spirit or demons.

In this book, you will understand the meanings behind such stories and become able to correlate them with your behavior with others, and in particular with the ones you love, or should love. You will also realize why so many people struggle to find love, to maintain it and to live joyful existences with their partners.

This book unveils the secrets of our soul and the subconscious mind, explaining the will behind our actions and decisions, including our betrayals, towards others and ourselves, manifested every time and whenever we fall in love. Throughout the following chapters, you will understand love in a way that nobody ever had the courage to tell you.

  1. How the Princess Becomes a Prisoner
  2. Who The White Knights Is
  3. How Dragons and Dark Knights Appear in the World
  4. How the Dark Knight Feeds From Our Energy
  5. The Weapons of the Dark Knight and the Symbol of the White Horse”
  6. How Women Turn Themselves Into A Sleeping Beauty
  7. How the Dark Knight is Kept Strong with Ignorance
  8. The Purpose of the White Knight and His Weapons
  9. The Symbolic Meaning of the Dragon with Multiple Heads
  10. The Hidden Treasure

How the Princess Becomes a Prisoner

Several researches on the topic of love applied throughout the world, including Asia, have proven that single women are far more selective and judgmental than women in fulfilling relationships and marriages. These single women develop the idea that they are superior, when in actuality, their perspective of superiority is as valuable as the one of someone climbing a tree to runaway from starving wolves.

It is, more precisely, a manifestation of the fear of confronting their problems, to which they have no answers. That is what forces them to protect their self-esteem. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to deal with their feelings of guilt and shame.

Guilt and shame are powerful emotions for two reasons, being one, the fact that it forces one to confront behaviors against his own spiritual path and set of moral principles, either personally based or socially rooted, and two, because it forces the personality to confront itself with its own fallacies and false beliefs in what regards the individual conscience.

One can become enlightened by the constant practice of such exercise as much as he can drive himself insane by increasing the gap between the real self and the false mask of his personality.

Indeed, the ego is a fragile instrument in the hands of a weak mind. But the mind is weakened by the perversity of our actions against our own future. Women that spend their youth immersed in the thought of fornicating as many men as possible to build their self-esteem and upgrade their sense of social validation towards their peers, lower their perception of pride in what concerns building a loving family with someone they truly need in their life.

Life is short but many forget this inevitable truth until they reach their 40s and is too late to accomplish things that biology limits by short periods of time, such as maintaining a perfect skin or becoming a mother. Much, however, could be said about a personality that delays the maturing of its own healthy development.

Many are the theories that protect women from ever acknowledging their mistakes or feeling shame about them. The problem of such perspectives is that they build an extra layer of protection that, in time, becomes a thick wall, and from which a high tower, in which the person is trapped, appears.

That tower is the symbol of imprisonment by the ego in which the princess in distress finds herself in.

She is indeed in distress, due to her own faults, and she is truly a prisoner of her own incapacity to confront responsibility for her acts.

From this point of view, comes the belief that only an outside force can save her. And that force is manifested by the White Knight.

The White Knight is a symbolic representation of the best men in the world, the ones with enough strength, persistence and resilience to save such fragile victim of egotistical monsters and delusional wicked witches.


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