The Spiritual Revolution

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What is the purpose of life and religion? And how should we live and make choices in life? How can we know the right path to take along the road of our experience? In this book you will get answers to all these questions and much more. This book addresses the topic of the global awakening in a more realistic and pragmatic manner, by explaining exactly what it means from different angles and for different people. Here, you will learn from the author, how to analyze life in a more profound way, and with more accuracy. This book will also show you how to act smarter, by helping you make better decisions.

Although the topics mention many issues with which most people struggle, they are presented with a straightforward honesty, without room for any doubts, and are based on the personal experience of the author and the people he met. And so, you can learn to think more effectively, by looking at you current situation in life through the light of this wisdom. For this book is not like any other, in the sense that it offers you a realistic and factual perspective that can be proven by life experience itself. Hopefully, you will never again be the same person after reading it.

Read the book to learn more about this Spiritual Revolution.

  1. The Awakening
  2. Improving Oneself with Positive Karma
  3. Responsibility in the Process of Cleaning Karma
  4. The Gap Between The Answers of Time
  5. Why Reincarnation is Natural
  6. The Cycle of Life Through Many Galaxies
  7. The Greatest Purpose of Life
  8. The Potential to Remember a Past Life
  9. The Implications of Reincarnation on Fate
  10. The Untold Truth About Humanity
  11. The Three Gods
  12. The Importance of Wisdom For Our Spiritual Progress

The Awakening

Spirituality is a personal path. When you learn about the spirit, you must reconsider everything as an observer. Whoever designs one road for everyone, will always find his followers ending in different directions. It’s the illusion of time and linear evolution that makes us think that everything happens in a linear way from A to B, as we learned by an outdated and primitive educational system.

The truth is that this is how we think about life and not necessarily how life operates on us. You can easily access memories from past lives by merely working on present traumas and challenges, although focusing on your dreams, imagination and ambitions can lead you there too, and with a more positive outcome at the end.

The problem of our modern society is that psychiatrists and psychologists aren't trained to accept past life experiences, and I can’t guarantee either that all psychics and fortunetellers are reliable in what they say. If you meet the wrong person, the message can actually be disturbing and destructive. People tend to forget that those giving spiritual suggestions must be spiritual evolved as well, and that’s not always the case, not even with many popular gurus, although we still attach appearances and titles with qualifications and skills, and that’s how the ignorants win over the masses by merely presenting themselves proudly and arrogantly. The sheep are easily blinded by the wolf in shepherd clothing.

I believe that the personal path is safer and more accurate. You shouldn’t need anyone telling you what you must know, although you can find guidance and confirmation in others to feel more confident regarding your own perceptions. Know that, if I had asked the so-called spiritual experts for guidance regarding past lives, I would have never find mine, because they would always use their techniques to further justify their personal assumptions, which I wouldn't have a way to judge. This happens naturally if the person that applies the techniques isn’t spiritually evolved enough, which is the situation almost always occurring.

Your spirituality is sacred and must be seen in such way. You must always ask questions that you can analyze by yourself and not be afraid to disagree with, even when you’re wrong. Being wrong is actually related to the conscience of ignorance, which is very important for the next stage, related to learning. And how many people learn from what they do in one lifetime? How many people want to read a book about something they want to do? How many people focus on admiring instead of feeling jealous? How many people ask how they hurt others, instead of insisting that they are hurt? How many people have the courage to change themselves according to what they dream about becoming and leave everything they have acquired behind instead of struggling to acquire more?


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