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Dan Desmarques



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The direction where we are going, who you are as a person, what common sense tells you that you should be doing, and what your mind says are not and don’t have to be the same thing.

We need to differentiate these dynamics if we want to make proper decisions in life, because at the end the laws of the universe matter only in what regards our own decisions.

Now, for the common person, these decisions don’t really exist. They are conditioned within the first years of life and keep on manifesting branches of the same first experiences.

Their mental conditioning is usually formed by their family, school, culture and so on, and continues to strengthen itself during the rest of their existence because, in many cases, they remain attached to these influences.

The masses are not much more than their culture and their own country of birth. The rest is nothing more than circumstances that come their way as a result of simply existing.

Thus it doesn’t make much sense to talk about a direction in life when this direction is conditioned by the identity and we don’t even know who we are, or how our identity is formed, or why it needs to be changed.

Nevertheless, according to various spiritual laws, we are all heading in the same direction, our purpose is literally the same.

This purpose is found when you are aligned with the truth. Yet the ability to be spiritually aligned is a skill that requires knowledge, discernment and experience.

You will be able to acquire these virtues with the information provided here.

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