A Message from the Founder and CEO

This journey begun when I wrote my first book and couldn’t find a trustworthy company to publish it. I selected one of the most popular publishers and then had to hire a lawyer to end the contract and get the unpaid royalties. I then selected another popular company and the same situation occurred.

Publishers know that most authors are delusional about the reality of the market, so there’s nothing they do best besides selling dreams and offering endless promises. These delusional promises are reinforced by many social media influencers. Very few among the many publishers will go the whole way to make a good book sell. I found this by meeting many authors who saw their hopes frustrated, and after years of dedication to traditional publishing houses that did a very poor job and paid them poorly for many years.

Many authors fail because they think their job ends after being accepted by a well-known publisher. As a matter of fact, many authors are not as great as they claim to be and need assistance throughout their career, from editing to distribution and the proper marketing of their book. When these same authors decide to self-publish, they then realize they lack the skills and know-how to compete within the book publishing industry. They need help with book formatting, cover design, and translations, among many other aspects that they eventually discover along the way.

The big secret to 22 Lions Publishing that many try to uncover is found in the quantity of partnerships we have, and surpassing what the vast majority of the publishers can offer, but also the skills of our team, which also surpass in quality what you will find being offered by many of our competitors. When you publish with us, you are increasing your potential for success by a great margin when compared to any other path available.

Our results are based on integrity, experience, quality, strategy and a relationship with authors that is rooted on honesty and trustworthiness. We also offer exclusive advantages that are found nowhere else, like the opportunity to have your book translated and simultaneously distributed in multiple languages. Many authors pay thousands of dollars to publishers that do nothing more than publish their book. When compared to that, our offer is simply amazing, appealing and extremely generous. Our method is transparent, straightforward and filled with advantages.

Our Publishing House is registered in New York City. As for the symbolic name that many have asked us about, it comes from the meaning assumed in numerology, for 22 represents spiritual wisdom of the highest order. It is a symbol for creativity. When 2 and 2 are summed, you get a 4 — symbolic of consciousness, order, consistency, and responsibility. The Lion is both an astrological but also symbolic animal. It is the totem for courage, justice, and persistence.

The success so far achieved, however, is not attributed to symbols, but based on my vast experience as a business development consultant and college professor on the topics of entrepreneurship and academic writing. My own books have been published following the strategy applied by 22 Lions to test the most trustworthy partners.

We do know and very well which companies to trust and which ones to avoid, and they are not what you would conclude based on the many articles on the internet and the various clueless YouTubers promoting themselves as experts on book publishing. Very few speakers and business owners believe in quality associated with moral, integrity and efficiency because they have never experienced this dynamic in many successful companies. They are guided by appearances, like fools fooling other fools.

We surpassed many challenges based on our values and were able to position more than 150 of our books among the top 100 best sellers of Amazon, Apple Books and Kobo. Many of these books became number #1 world. We believe that the world needs good books, that inspire, educate and elevate humanity, and we are here to provide authors with the opportunity to contribute to this vision. We are invested in your success.

Dan Desmarques

Founder and CEO