Promotional Services

Advertisement as Banner / Slideshow

Join other famous companies partnering with us and attract more visitors to your online store by advertising on our website.

Choose your plan and send us your images. We will create the ad for you:

  • Slideshow on Home Page: $100 per Month
  • Banner on Categories: $ 70 per Month
  • Banner on Product Page: $ 50 per Month


Advertisement as Link

Want your store link on our header as a "Partner Store"? We can do that for you as well:

  • Link on Header: $300 per Month


Payments for Ads

Any payment for advertisements are made to our Business Paypal Account and must be processed before the 3rd of the month in which the ad is to be shown / maintained.

A client purchased20 minutes ago from Detroit, USA
A client purchased21 minutes ago from Miami, USA
A client purchased22 minutes ago from Las Vegas, USA
A client purchased23 minutes ago from Orlando, USA
A client purchased24 minutes ago from Hong Kong
A client purchased25 minutes ago from Beijing, China
A client purchased26 minutes ago from Guangdong, China
A client purchased27 minutes ago from Shanghai, China
A client purchased28 minutes ago from Toronto, Canada
A client purchased29 minutes ago from Sydney, Australia
A client purchased30 minutes ago from Melbourne, Australia
A client purchased31 minutes ago from Perth, Australia
A client purchased32 minutes ago from Cape Town, South Africa
A client purchased33 minutes ago from Pretoria, South Africa
A client purchased34 minutes ago from Birmingham, England
A client purchased35 minutes ago from Liverpool, England
A client purchased36 minutes ago from Bristol, England
A client purchased37 minutes ago from Leicester, England
A client purchased38 minutes ago from Glasgow, Scotland
A client purchased39 minutes ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

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