2345: A Letter From The Future (ebook)

2345: A Letter From The Future (ebook)


What can a man from the future possibly tell mankind that will avoid its suffering and extinction?

Title 2345: A Letter From The Future (ebook)
Author Brandon Goldentree
Type ebook

What can a man from the future possibly tell mankind that will avoid its suffering and extinction?

In the following pages, we will witness it, as we read the words of a letter whispered in a dream, supported by vividly images, to the Author of this book.

Truth, imagination or merely a channeling that we may distrust, the fact is that all the descriptions here presented have been confirmed by current events.

Nevertheless, the future is made by those that are now creating it within their lives, with their actions or the lack of them. So, knowing what may happen will allow us to become responsible for that future as we have here a chance to see what we’re creating.

The following words describe the letter received, a gospel to those now present in a crucial period for the future of the planet and the destiny of the entire human race.

  1. The importance of this message
  2. The future scenario
  3. Understanding the future
  4. How humans are conditioned to accept reality
  5. The power of choice
  6. What is the world
  7. A parallel reality

The importance of this message
The words I have to tell you are related to a world that you haven’t seen yet. The pieces are yet to be connected but when this happens it will be too late for everyone.
The reality from where I come from will manifest in the following 300 years from now. And, as a matter of fact, everyone could predict this future and see it too, by developing certain abilities, not just psychic but also mental, which are still present in humans for the moment but will be greatly blocked by many forces afterwords, but most importantly, by diseases that will damage intellect severely.
Everything in life is a co-creation of individuals and nature, God, the Universe, or whatever we wish to call it. So, in order to predict the future well and alter it, all that is needed is understand how both elements operate. We have to understand certain rules about predictions, something like yin and yang, as all life follows a cycle from which upon each ending comes a certain balance, a new beginning out of what is left. [...] 

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