37 Rules for a Successful Online Business (Paperback)

37 Rules for a Successful Online Business (Paperback)

Author: Samuel River

This book reveals the 37 most well-kept secrets of several famous entrepreneurs doing business around the world.

Title 37 Rules for a Successful Online Business (Paperback)
Author Samuel River
Type Paperback

This book reveals the 37 most well-kept secrets of several famous entrepreneurs doing business around the world.

Even though written based on a personal experience with making money online, and indeed, living in many paradises on earth after quitting a profitable job, it also resumes interviews with several individuals, from US to Thailand, that did the same, and a whole year of research.

The information here presented explains exactly what are the qualities and attributes that anyone needs in order to succeed with an online business, and will change the way you think about business, as there are significant differences between the new way and the old of making money. Times are indeed changing and only the smartest are ready. A college graduation isn’t enough anymore. Trust me! Because I was a college lecturer for over 5 years and a business consultant for more than 12 years. 

  1. Rule Nr.1 - Don’t Compromise!
  2. Rule Nr.2 - Be Independent!
  3. Rule Nr.3 - Avoid The Majority!
  4. Rule Nr.4 - Seek Good Intentions!
  5. Rule Nr.5 - Accept The Obstacles!
  6. Rule Nr.6 - Don’t Be Arrogant!
  7. Rule Nr.7 - Automatize!
  8. Rule Nr.8 - Be Innovative!
  9. Rule Nr.9 - Research!
  10. Rule Nr.10 - Make Personal Decisions!
  11. Rule Nr.11 - Think Simple!
  12. Rule Nr.12 - Build Your Determination!
  13. Rule Nr.13 - Ignore The Ignorant!
  14. Rule Nr.14 - Do It Your Way!
  15. Rule Nr.15 - Focus On Mechanics!
  16. Rule Nr.16 - Don’t Be Greedy!
  17. Rule Nr.17 - Don’t Ask for Solutions!
  18. Rule Nr.18 - Measure Time!
  19. Rule Nr.19 - Focus On Long Term Value!
  20. Rule Nr.20 - Be Faithful!
  21. Rule Nr.21 - Choose One Between Many!
  22. Rule Nr.22 - Marry Your Business!
  23. Rule Nr.23 - Be Practical!
  24. Rule Nr.24 - Choose a Niche!
  25. Rule Nr.25 - Share The Profit!
  26. Rule Nr.26 - Look At The Big Picture!
  27. Rule Nr.27 - Multiply Your Profits!
  28. Rule Nr.28 - Paddle Against The Stream!
  29. Rule Nr.29 - Be Persistent!
  30. Rule Nr.30 - Apply Good Paradigms!
  31. Rule Nr.31 - Be Weird!
  32. Rule Nr.32 - Know Yourself!
  33. Rule Nr.33 - Be Artistic!
  34. Rule Nr.34 - Develop Empathy!
  35. Rule Nr.35 - Be Responsible!
  36. Rule Nr.36 - Be Results Driven!
  37. Rule Nr.37 - Observe Beyond Appearances!

Rule Nr.1 - Don’t Compromise!

I never compromised with anything, and I was always seen as immature, even by my own family. And yet, I matured much more than they ever did.

Despite the fact that everyone has the right to his or her own opinion, I can tell you that, according to Sigmund Freud, the mental state of dependency is actually related to immaturity. According to him, it’s the individual action, and the consequences that it brings to the individual, that characterizes maturity. He said: “The freeing of an individual, as he grows up, from the authority of his parents is one of the most necessary though one of the most painful results brought about by the course of his development. (...)

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