Alpha Female (ebook)

Alpha Female (ebook)

Author: Daniel Marques

The concept of Alpha Female hasn't been so explored and referred to as what happens to Alpha Male. Therefore, isn't easy to find a common agreement about how an Alpha Woman should look like or behave.

Title Alpha Female (ebook)
Author Daniel Marques
Type ebook

The concept of Alpha Female hasn't been so explored and referred to as what happens to Alpha Male. Therefore, isn't easy to find a common agreement about how an Alpha Woman should look like or behave.

As most perspectives taken into consideration portray a negative image of what it means to be active as a woman, most end up waiting, dreaming, forgetting and giving up fighting for their rights. And, as the world evolves and changes, the gap between reality and common believes expands, leading many to despair and suffering.

The need for women to be active and persistent in chasing their happiness has never been so important as now. But, in order to be fulfilled, a woman needs to become responsible for her own happiness. [...]

  1. The Alpha Female
  2. Why women suffer
  3. Why men abandon women
  4. Why men cheat
  5. How to tell if he's cheating
  6. How to stop an affair
  7. How to compete with Alpha Females
  8. Accepting the challenge
  9. Exchanging feelings
  10. Seduction with strategy
  11. How to keep a man
  12. How to judge men
  13. Behavior
  14. Communication
  15. Appearance
  16. Attitude
  17. How to attract an Alpha Male
  18. How to catch an Alpha Male
  19. How to adapt to an Alpha Male
  20. How to love an Alpha Male
  21. Playing the game

The Alpha Female

 Women are competitive by nature, but the Alpha Female knows that, if others have access to the same power, it will make the difference in being able to keep or not their man, or men. Therefore, if women don’t share the truth between themselves, including between friends, it's impossible for the majority to truly know what's true, especially regarding the idea that being a bitch is the right choice to get men.

 The obvious difference between women that can’t have a boyfriend or get married and those keeping many at the same time or always getting who they want, is more misleading than what it seems. There are many goodhearted and gorgeous women men seem not to notice, but could make them very happy, if found.

 The Alpha Female closes this gap, as she knows how to make herself be noticeable by the right men, by understanding the whole dynamic within socializing and seducing. They find a new world of possibilities, by focusing on their own happiness and in achieving a fulfilling relationship. [...] 

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