Alpha Female Compilation (ebook)

Alpha Female Compilation (ebook)


This book is a compilation of other two about the same topic. Namely, “Where to find a man and how do you get him”, and “Why Men Cheat and How to Prevent It”.

Title Alpha Female Compilation (ebook)
Type ebook

This book is a compilation of other two about the same topic. Namely, “Where to find a man and how do you get him”, and “Why Men Cheat and How to Prevent It”.

  1. The stereotype of Alpha Female
  2. Differences between Alphas and Nymphos
  3. The dark side of the Alpha Female
  4. The bright side of the Alpha Female
  5. How to build self-confidence
  6. The 20 qualities of an Alpha Female
  7. How to get a man's attention
  8. Where to get handsome men
  9. The strategy when flirting with men
  10. The purpose when choosing a man
  11. The method when analyzing men
  12. Where and how to get a man
  13. Why men approach women
  14. Why women approach men
  15. How to pass a man's tests
  16. How to arouse a man
  17. One night stand
  18. Internet seduction
  19. Online dating
  20. The Alpha Female
  21. Why women suffer
  22. Why men abandon women
  23. Why men cheat
  24. How to tell if he's cheating
  25. How to stop an affair
  26. How to compete with Alpha Females
  27. How to keep a man
  28. How to judge men
  29. How to attract an Alpha Male
  30. Playing the game

The stereotype of Alpha Female

 Much can be known about the concept of Alpha Female when researching through magazines, internet and books with dating advices for women. But, there's an evident difference between what's usually mentioned by men, women and experts in Psychology.

 * Men see her as an experienced woman;

 * Women describe her as a manipulative woman;

 * Psychologists label her as a Nymphomaniac.

 Among these descriptions, a clear differentiation is made between the women men want or dump. And, only women tend to differentiate furthermore this issue, by talking about those that get married or don't. So, basically, everything can be resumed to marriage. But, can a manipulative woman get married or even be happy with her marriage? Most women would promptly answer yes, while disregarding the purpose of marriage for their life and its impact on the personality. And, it's due to this reason that they don't manage to develop the main qualities contradicting this need, namely, being independent, confident and fearless. On the other hand, if they develop them, may become unable to commit to a man, be flexible about their personal values, be faithful and find compatibility with their partner or spouse.[…]

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