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No one knows about the day or the hour, not even the angels in heaven” (Matthew 24:36).

We’re in the year 2011 and the world is in deep confusion, trapped between chaos and economical instability. While some parts of our planet are being destroyed by war or natural disasters, others grow in economic unbalance. Is this all connected or is it just a coincidence? Why is everything happening in the same planet, at the same time?

We could wonder about conspiracy theories regarding world events before the expected world end in 2012 according to the Mayan Calendar. But what if this 2012 is another strategy promoted by secret societies to give us the illusion of safeness once we pass it? When is the world really going to end and what can we expect from the last days?

In this book - Apocalypse the author describes the last days on Earth and the shifting moment as a description presented by messengers of a intergalactic confederacy, a group of beings like us that have always protected humans and watched for their development, leading to hope and faith in the universal light of truth. [...]

  1. About Planet Earth
  2. The Hidden War that has Begun
  3. The Messengers
  4. The Social System
  5. The Origin of the Messengers
  6. The Personality of the Messengers
  7. The Spiritual World
  8. The World You See
  9. The Path
  10. The Final War
  11. Who Will Be Saved
  12. The Ultimate Scientific Invention
  13. A New World
  14. Nothing Ends But Everything Changes

About Planet Earth

 “We’re all sons of the same light and sons of the day. We don’t belong to darkness” (Thessalonians 5:5).

 The world as you see it has nothing to know about. Lost within their own minds and trapped inside fake logics, human beings have led themselves out of track. Insanity has grown in society as a consequence of that and therefore we cannot really help those who cannot help themselves.

We’ve been watching the events in this world carefully and we’ve seen what humans can do to each other. This is a self-destructive race indeed, but not consciously self-destructive. Mankind has learned the logic of death but not the one of life. Many have kept this knowledge secret during the last centuries in order to sustain their own religious believes, their delusions. Yes, there are spirits of evil and spirits of light, but all of them coexisting inside the same paradigm.


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