Change and Develop a New Personality

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The book, Change and Develop a New Personality , will show you why the reasons that escape the awareness of most of us, happiness have turned into a mystical topic, something that seems difficult to acquire and to understand, even relative to many.

Most would now simply claim that happiness depends on the personality of each individual, on our values and needs. And yet, with such attitude, we ignore the fundamental principles behind being a happy person, and which lay in how we relate and connect to the rest of the word.

Furthermore, if we aren’t making efforts towards increasing and strengthening such connections, we’re also neglecting the elements that make them possible, and they are part of the whole paradigm regarding what makes us feel alive and truly joyful for being alive. [...]

  1. The Appreciation of Our Experiences
  2. Self-Esteem and Social Agreements
  3. Personalities and Negative Emotions
  4. How Behaviors Reinforce Beliefs
  5. How Beliefs Shape Behaviors
  6. The Correlation Between Reactions
  7. Dealing with Emotional Vampires

The Appreciation of Our Experiences

 Affinity composes the emotional side of a person but any emotion is fundamentally rooted in experience, in a reality, even though reality is determined by the level of attachment and agreements of an individual.

 If I have to talk to someone I don’t like, experience a daily job with individuals that make me unhappy, that will definetely contribute to a lower reality level, a lower conscience, manifested by my weak emotions towards the environment. And I can increase it by talking about something that such individuals like.

 On the other hand, it’s in doing so that we also expose the vulnerabilities of others. And that's why some men can cheat on women so easily. Women depend too much on appearance and judgments, and so, when a man says: "you are very pretty" they may fall for it easily, and even more if such women are somehow vulnerable, such as in cases where they didn’t receive love from their own father and other men in their life. If I say: “you're very pretty" to a woman with low self-esteem, she will think men just want sex. [...]


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