For Lazy Teachers Only (ebook)

For Lazy Teachers Only (ebook)


Every teacher has his moments in which he or she feels exhausted, incapable of coping with the previous ability to persist with hard work in preparing classes, or, simply putting it, lazy.

Title For Lazy Teachers Only (ebook)
Type ebook

Every teacher has his moments in which he or she feels exhausted, incapable of coping with the previous ability to persist with hard work in preparing classes, or, simply putting it, lazy.

Laziness isn’t necessarily a bad thing but merely a condition that is natural to all human beings. Lack of efficiency and irresponsibility, on the other hand, can lead to many negative outcomes, not only with impact on the students but also on the career of the teacher.

It was thinking about laziness with efficiency that this book was created, so that teachers may achieve their expectations, but also teach properly, while not spending more than 5 minutes to prepare such classes. [...]

  1. How to use movies to teach
  2. Using Movies - Type 1 Model
  3. Using Movies - Type 2 Model
  4. Using Movies - Type 3 Model
  5. Applying Presentations - Type 1 Model
  6. Applying Presentations - Type 2 Model
  7. Applying Presentations - Type 3 Model
  8. Working with Revisions - Type 1 Model
  9. Working with Revisions - Type 2 Model
  10. Working with Revisions - Type 3 Model
  11. Benefiting from Games - Type 1 Model
  12. Benefiting from Games - Type 2 Model
  13. Benefiting from Games - Type 3 Model
  14. Using Story Telling
  15. Using a New Topic
  16. Using Information from Internet
  17. Teacher for 10 minutes
  18. Truth or False
  19. Question or Punishment
  20. Seek for the Correct Answer
  21. The Parrot Game
  22. The Backwards Game
  23. The Quick Exam
  24. The Free Choice
  25. The Class Outdoors

How to use movies to teach

 Although many would criticized the use of movies in a classroom, this is the best tool to use when teaching anything. In today’s world, students are trained to pay attention to TV, but also social networks, that have became popular thanks to the use of visual stimulation, with pictures and movies. This quality is what made facebook quickly popular and still more popular than any other online platform.

 Students want visual stimulation and outside a classroom, that’s what they receive during most of their time. Therefore, a bad teacher is actually the one that doesn’t know how to use visual stimulation in his classroom, and instead wants to force the students to adjust to an obsolete teaching model. [...]

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