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There’s a clear social program being implanted in human beings with the purpose of transforming them into obeying machines. It’s so well-built that matches perfectly into what is learned inside the educational system, famous religions and even whist is known in science.

Within this program, much truth has been suppressed, so that the world may continue in spiritual slavery, not knowing how far everyone is from the true reality being hidden below the surface. Within this reality, we can see who is creating the rules and who’s following them, noticing how fate is often just a consequence of those who change such rules.

Taking into consideration this perspective, the content of this book on Implants intends to reveal some of the biggest lies in the world, while providing the tools that allow breaking the chain of mind-slavery and realize that the real world isn’t as pretty as we would like to believe. In this awakening, we release ourselves from a zombie-like state in which the vast majority of society is being held.

  1. The Implant of Social Worth
  2. The “Real World” We Know
  3. The Implant of Status
  4. Mechanisms of Defense in the Implants
  5. The Implant of Love
  6. The Decision to Leave the Illusion

The Implant of Social Worth

 For the past twenty years, I’ve been noticing something very interesting about human beings. Each person has inside his brain a program of what reality is and can be. They have strong beliefs and think that they are right, simply because they follow a majority and fit into what the media says. The need for being accepted and belonging to society, leads them to the slaughterhouse.

 If people could see reality with the spirit instead of their mind, they could step outside their paradigms and learn more. But the vast majority can't do it anymore. We have forgotten our spiritual nature.

 When taking a closer observation at what are the left and right side of the brain, we can notice that social paradigms enforce an imprisoning of humans inside the left side. This part of the brain tells us that reality is what we see. Therefore, you see what is logic, even though this logic has been told by someone. [...]


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