Overcoming Depression (ebook)

Overcoming Depression (ebook)

Author: Mark Brightlife

Before helping others, seeking for help, or even considering such thoughts, we must realize a fact that not many Therapists and Patients are willing to confront: Only those that help themselves can be helped!

Title Overcoming Depression (ebook)
Author Mark Brightlife
Type ebook

Before helping others, seeking for help, or even considering such thoughts, we must realize a fact that not many Therapists and Patients are willing to confront: Only those that help themselves can be helped!

Nobody can provide assistance when such is invalidated by its receptor; we can help as much as someone is willing to accept it.

This brings us to another problematic related to the topic of helping.

There are two kinds of people that can’t be helped and two that can.

Those that can’t be helped have been...

  • Deeply hurt in the past or too many times;
  • Betrayed by those that were supposed to help them or someone they loved. And, those that can be helped...
  • Usually help others and in doing so can see positive outcomes coming from the acceptance of help;
  • Have a positive perspective about life, built out of a healthy and loving past.
  • The vast majority of the population is under the first category and that’s why, even though the number of therapists have highly increased in the past decades, the number of patients didn’t diminished but rather multiplied.
  1. The seeds of depression
  2. The importance of helping
  3. Being unique
  4. Suicidal tendencies
  5. Delusions
  6. Self-esteem and love
  7. Love and depression
  8. Self-love
  9. Beyond self-love
  10. The importance of routines
  11. Creativity
  12. Compensations
  13. The personality within the dream
  14. The perspectival shift
  15. Self-esteem and happiness
  16. Changing life
  17. Learning to change

The seeds of depression

 It’s nearly impossible to encounter someone that has never been, at least once, in a therapeutic session or hasn’t consumed antidepressants.

 Many would attribute this phenomenon to social development and the complexities of our lifestyle, and even though it’s a reasonable explanation, it does not correspond to the truth, but merely a fact that we can confront.

 The deepest of all truths is also the hardest to accept and that’s why our subconscious mind is full of them. If it wasn’t so, we wouldn’t have so many psychosomatic and neurologic symptoms of such evidence.

 Our society and the reality we see coming out of it, is being created by independent human beings, so if society is pushing everyone towards insanity that means its members are already insane. [...]

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