Spiritual Living & Chakra Functions

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Most us know or at least perceive a certain particularity within our auric field, a certain vibration that pulls us and impels us in certain directions, while moving us apart from others. Now, few can tell exactly how this vibrations are formed, how they change and what makes them change.

But, in this book, we will look at this aspect from the perspective of the chakras. And not only their function will be explain, but it will also be correlated, in order to help the reader envision a bigger plan regarding how they can be seen from a viewpoint that can help one improve his finances, health and even relationships. It is a must read for anyone willing to balance life and harmonize the inner energy with the outside world, in order to attract a better outcome in life. [...]

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  1. Identifying the Personal Vibration
  2. The Polarity of Our Chakras
  3. Challenges of the Root Chakra
  4. The Interrelation Between Chakras
  5. The Spiritual Importance of Sexual Energy
  6. The Meaning of Compassion and Forgiveness
  7. The Throat Chakra and Communication
  8. The 3rd Eye Chakra and the Purpose of Knowledge
  9. The Crown Chakra and Enlightenment

Identifying the Personal Vibration

  If you want to find your personal number, you have to sum your day of birth, with the month and the year. If the resulting number is higher than 22, you can then reduce it by summing the two remaining numbers. The result, will show you which path you must follow in your life.

  Your personal number describes a certain vibration in your existence, and you’ve probably notice it, either you’re more conscious or less of this fact. Your personal number has been manifesting in such a way that you’ve hardly operated without it. In other words, whatever you’ve attempted at doing, has either succeeded or failed, depending on how closer you were to fulfilling your karma or not. That is why it doesn’t really matter how much you believe on this topic for it to work. [...]


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