The Next Planet

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As the world quickly changes, everyone wonders how the future will be. The more spiritual believe that our planet is ascending into a new beautiful reality, while others, more pessimist, show us what governments all over the world are doing in order to trap society in a cybernetic slavery of mind, spirit and body. And we cannot know which side is more accurate without analyzing the possibilities.

It is therefore the purpose of this book, under careful analysis regarding conspiracy theories and scientific perspectives of what is happening and may happen in the near future, to resume accurately the possibilities of mankind as we see it today.

While attempting to be one step ahead of the known assumptions, this book intends to show the global tendency related to where we are being led.

There are positive and spiritual interventions, as well as devilish and negative influences within our world. In a constant battle for our souls, both will win their share, and we will see our planet becoming more similar to what lies within our hearts. […]

Find out more in The Next Planet.

  1. The next world
  2. How earth is selecting people
  3. The rise of awareness
  4. How to reinterpret the future
  5. The changes within
  6. How to be prepared
  7. The division of our duality
  8. What to expect from a positive reality
  9. What to expect from a negative reality
  10. When science fiction meets big brother
  11. The final stage

The next world

 We are moving towards two new world orders and everything that you believe to be real will be, one way or another, with or without you. Your body will continue into one of two realities, even though your soul may live forever.

To understand this statement, we must consider the findings in physics, namely, the fact that we live a multiverse, not universe, of multiple realities. Those realities represent possibilities, which actually exist simultaneously. There’s no time or space in that paradigm. So, who are we? We are just a soul, projecting itself as a hologram in the reality we know.

 As crazy as it may seem, that projection is decided by conscience, so we do affect the world around us, which tends to match how we see it. But everyone is doing the same, within their own realm. And, that is the biggest illusion. We can’t detach from our material world and the perceptions it brings to our mind, so we can’t understand how we can exist in different places at the same time. But do we? What we consider real is just a web of effects in our perceptions.[…]


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