The Rules of Love (ebook)

The Rules of Love (ebook)

Author: Daniel Marques

Love and breakups are part of an existential cycle that nobody can live without, even though they manifest in different levels and under a variety of unpredictable scenarios.

Title The Rules of Love (ebook)
Author Daniel Marques
Type ebook

Love and breakups are part of an existential cycle that nobody can live without, even though they manifest in different levels and under a variety of unpredictable scenarios.

The emotional suffering and joys that such experiences bring can't be erased from memory, so it's important to confront them and analyze personal believes wisely.

Such exercise requires the understanding of the purpose of love and its positive outcomes. And, even though it may be interpreted differently by each person, it can be conceptualized and redefined according to experience.

The most common approach to love is the need to share a life together with another person, which allows us to label those we meet as willing or unwilling, while being aware of who we attract and reject.

This said, relationships fail when the path shared diverges into more than one single direction.

However, the one being rejected knows that he or she has failed in providing something necessary for the two paths to become unified.

As an example, a woman that criticizes men, makes them feel rejected and unloved, decreasing their compassion towards her. And, this happens because there's a contradiction between sharing a common purpose while holding to divergent believes. [...]

  1. Attraction and Respect
  2. Accepting Love
  3. Compassion
  4. Measuring Love
  5. Redefining Love
  6. Unconditional Love
  7. The extension of love

Attraction and Respect

 The following principles represent the relation between attraction and respect:

  • What we show, often determines our value to others in a first approach, but what we do and say, will then determine our value for a relationship;

  • The one that has little chances of having a proper relationship, hasn't given him or herself enough value, because he or she hasn't learn about self-love, but the one that has little chances of maintaining a relationship, hasn't given enough value to the other person.

 The concept of love, even though tends to be misinterpreted, is based on the existence of given and received value, a transaction, not based on gaining but giving. Those that say "I love myself", should...

  • Care about looking attractive;

  • Buy clothes that make them look beautiful;

  • Do regular exercise to be in shape;

  • Learn to appreciate the best in others;

  • Be pleasant when talking to other people. [...]

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