The Science of the Soul (ebook)

The Science of the Soul (ebook)

Author: Daniel Marques

The life of a human being is composed of several dynamics in permanent interaction. From these dynamic, results identity and material reality, but also the group of people who we interact with, the emotions involved in these interactions and the realization or not of dreams.

Title The Science of the Soul (ebook)
Author Daniel Marques
Type ebook

The life of a human being is composed of several dynamics in permanent interaction. From these dynamic, results identity and material reality, but also the group of people who we interact with, the emotions involved in these interactions and the realization or not of dreams.

In this work, it’s intended to make known how all these dynamics function, explaining about the different elements and mechanisms inherent to the existence of a being, which interfere in structuring his soul.

It is therefore important to know how the reality is transformed and how this process affects the composition of the identity.

Written in an objective way, throughout the various chapters is presented the dynamic of spiritual energy, which interferes in the transformation of many aspects of life, how it operates according to the divine rules and how it can be developed to allow greater personal fulfillment. [...]

  1. ENERGY | The balance in energy | The consciousness of truth
  2. The role of the spirit
  3. The energy of life
  4. Sanity
  5. The divine plan
  6. The physical universe
  7. Happiness
  8. The reality of the mind
  9. The divine power of transformation
  10. God and gods
  11. The dual life
  12. The beauty of life
  13. The energy in attraction | Attraction between individuals
  14. The positive force of the universe
  15. The nature of duality
  16. The amount of negativity in the universe
  17. The transformation of personality
  18. The existential cycles
  19. Lower spiritual levels
  20. Happiness and energy
  21. Energy and desire
  22. The transformation of personal energy
  23. Justice in energy
  24. The flow of mental energy
  25. The energy of love
  26. Emotions and life transformation | The manifested thought
  27. The universe of energy
  28. The power of the mind
  29. The emotional balance
  30. The effects of the lie
  31. The awareness of emotion
  32. LIFE | The path of good and the path of evil | The rebirth of the spirit
  33. The discovery of the positive path
  34. The path of evil
  35. The difference of character
  36. The purpose of suffering and its elimination | The nature of suffering
  37. The elimination of suffering
  38. The structure of suffering
  39. The potential for conscience
  40. The potential of the subconscious
  41. The processing of the emotional reactions
  42. The difficulty in changing personality
  43. The relationship between the conscious and the subconscious
  44. The completion of negative life cycles | The grief cycle
  45. The negative magnetism
  46. The value of an action
  47. The value of inaction
  48. Inner peace
  49. The emotional transformation
  50. The emotional reaction
  51. The purpose of problems and their resolution | The nature of the problem
  52. The dynamic of problems
  53. The solution to problems
  54. The problem analysis
  55. The purpose of the problem
  56. The elimination of the problem
  57. The artificiality of the problem
  58. Conflict resolution | The nature of conflict
  59. The value of the argument
  60. The relevance of discord
  61. The elimination of the conflict
  62. The poison of the soul
  63. Responsibility in the transformation of life | Responsibility in love
  64. The responsibility in the change
  65. Responsibility in the dynamic of reality
  66. The human imperfection
  67. The difference between responsibility and blame
  68. The domain of responsibility
  69. The consciousness of reflection
  70. The decision in the transformation of life | The duality of reality
  71. The decision in the dilemmas
  72. The illusion of the mistake
  73. Parallel realities
  74. The role of the invisible
  75. The pleasure of living | The nature of disillusionment
  76. The origin of disillusionment
  77. True happiness
  78. THE MIND | The power of the mind | The manifestation of reality
  79. The manifestation of desire
  80. The power of manifestation
  81. The structure of faith
  82. The law of faith
  83. Existential problems and mental strategies | The relevance of hobbies
  84. The purpose of suffering
  85. Escaping or fighting a problem
  86. Thinking about problems
  87. The effective thought
  88. The purpose of love in awareness
  89. Living in truth
  90. The social dynamic and mental balance | Life habits
  91. The change of environment
  92. The culture of habits
  93. The transformation of habit
  94. The need for knowledge | The assimilation of knowledge
  95. The need for knowledge
  96. The dynamic of need
  97. The importance of ingenuity
  98. The primitiveness of desire
  99. The spirit in self-acknowledgement
  100. True knowledge
  101. The spiritual theory
  102. Social hazards
  103. The three virtues of the spirit
  104. Communication and the mind | Strategy in communication
  105. The importance of the parable
  106. The balance between action and inaction in the structuring of thought | The dynamic of thought
  107. The dynamic of the paradigm
  108. The dynamic of silence
  109. The dynamic of aid
  110. Winning with loss
  111. The amplitude of consciousness
  112. The angelic mind and the demonic mind | The two opposing forces
  113. The nature of evil
  114. The demonic mind
  115. The diabolical criminality
  116. The strategy of the devilish mind
  117. The nature of pleasure
  118. Pleasure and the meaning of life
  119. The path of imbalance
  120. The two kinds of love
  121. The potential for responsibility
  122. The purpose of the demonic thought
  123. The limitations of demonic knowledge
  124. The potential of the mind | Willpower
  125. The potential to transform life
  126. The potential of the spirit
  127. The memory of past lives
  128. The denial of the personality
  129. The danger of mature personalities
  130. The infinite spiritual consciousness
  131. The transition of the spirit
  132. The potential of visualization
  133. The shared expansion of consciousness
  134. The immateriality of consciousness
  135. Overcoming material limitations
  136. The role of the spirit in the transformation
  137. THE SOUL | Consciousness and Mind | The ability to be spiritual
  138. The dynamic in the transmission of knowledge
  139. The motivation for learning
  140. The mental effect of consciousness | The effect of negativity in consciousness
  141. The effect of emotion on the body
  142. The importance of self-love | The purpose of the ego
  143. The dynamic of the ego
  144. The difference between ego and pride
  145. The need to love | The dynamic of the need to love
  146. The perfection of love
  147. Attraction in love | The positivity of beauty
  148. The dynamic of beauty
  149. The influence of love in thought
  150. The energy of love
  151. The development of pleasure | The material pleasure of love
  152. The dynamic of pleasure
  153. The spiritual pleasure
  154. THE SPIRIT | The rules of life and the purpose of the spirit | The rules of the spirit
  155. The purpose of spiritual rules
  156. The assimilation of the spiritual rules
  157. The way of the spirit
  158. The reasons for the spirit
  159. GOD | Life and God | The illusion of decision
  160. The relationship between the individual and his fate
  161. The law of love
  162. The existential dilemmas
  163. The divine potential of man
  164. The divine limitations of the human being
  165. The divine reward
  166. Personal decisions and the divine plan | The dynamic of decisions
  167. The relation between the internal and external universe
  168. Love and the divine purpose | The nature of love between human beings
  169. The purpose of love between human beings
  170. Identity and the divine purpose | Identity in the loving plan
  171. The externalization in the loving plan
  172. Ego in the loving plan
  173. The change of life and love
  174. The dynamic of Karma | The karmic nature
  175. Karmic influence
  176. The karmic energy
  177. The function of karmic responsibility
  178. The control of the energy of God | The magnetic vibration between people
  179. The negative magnetism
  180. The positive magnetism
  181. Healthy loving relationships
  182. The purpose of loving awareness
  183. God's plan | The ultimate truth of life
  184. The dynamic of life
  185. The nature of life
  186. The nature of illusion
  187. Freedom 


The balance in energy

The consciousness of truth

 In many different ways, over the years, various entities and personalities managed to make mankind separate the mind from the spirit, enough to cause the blindness of the soul.

 The soul is the consciousness of the divine and it is through this that the mind has access to the truth.

 If the mind operates with knowledge that wasn’t assimilated and properly structured in the identity of the receiver, it can’t allow the raising of awareness. Without awareness there is no truth and, in a person without sufficient truth, the darkness of fear and hatred take hold of his spirit.

 A soul of poor consciousness is of little use as a vehicle of the spirit. However, a spirit that does not manifest itself fully can not fulfill its mission in a natural way.

 This situation is at the basis of depression, frustration, victimization, but also various types of physical and mental illness, and self-destructive behaviors in general.

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