The Way of the Rose (ebook)

The Way of the Rose (ebook)


This book presents a collection of poems inspired on alchemy, love and ancient rosicrucian philosophy. 

Title The Way of the Rose (ebook)
Type ebook

This book presents a collection of poems inspired on alchemy, love and ancient rosicrucian philosophy. 

  1. Petals of a Rose
  2. Rose of Blood
  3. Garden of Roses
  4. Thorns of a Rose
  5. Four Roses
  6. The Best of All Roses
  7. White Roses
  8. The Soldier of the Rose
  9. After the Rose
  10. The Way of the Rose

Petals of a Rose

I saw a rose

and she was red,

but one day,

when I least expected,

she became white,

and upon the contemplation

of the unforeseen death of my rose,

I dropped a tear,

but she remained unchanged.

I couldn’t understand

why the rose accepted her fate,

and so I felt alone,

and in this unbearable silence,

I dropped more tears,

until there was no more silence,

but only the beat of my heart

beating louder like a drum of war,

a war for my rose,

rose of my life,

my dearest love.

The rose was unmoved,

but I was in a real war,

I was in real turmoil,

and my tears turned to waterfalls,

dropping incessantly

and without end,

while the events within me unfolded.

In front of the rose,

I cried,

I lived the war,

I felt the pain

and I faced death,

but the rose was still unmoved.

In the day I was able to look at the rose

as she has always been, [...]

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