Why Do We Feel Lonely

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In today’s world, loneliness is a very common problem that most people face, and that’s very likely the reason why so many social networks are rapidly becoming popular.

This book presents an uncommon and unknown truth about why people feel lonely. The theory here described won’t ever be shared by psychologists or psychiatrists, because it’s not about mainstream science, but something else, opposing it. In fact, if scientists and pharmaceutics in the field of mental health were honest, they would acknowledge the facts presented here, even though it could cause people to stop paying them the huge sums of money that they get every year.

There’s something wrong with this planet, not you, but you’ll need to read this book to realize it, and truly know why you feel lonely.

  1. The struggle for an identity
  2. Meeting what matches us
  3. What is and isn’t normal
  4. Why we must adapt
  5. Why those that know don’t know much
  6. The concept of humanity
  7. Knowing our choices
  8. The human nature

The struggle for an identity

 You can be yourself and belong to a group at the same time. All you have to do is know the difference. If you copy everything that independent people do, one day you have no friends like them.

 Most people don’t like independent individuals, because they tend to make them confront with things they don't want to know. However, just people can handle rejection because they have got used to it, mostly due to their childhood experiences. In other words, they find their identity within such rejection. Even though, this is just another side of the same coin. It means that they actually make people reject them. They have difficulties in changing, because they've never been someone else.

 We can always find people that like us, even when the majority doesn’t. It is possible to find people everywhere that can be kind, exchange emails and is nice in their words. They are few, but only if we tend to select them. On the other hand, if you’re careful about what people want to hear, then you won't lose many friends. […]


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