Why We Are Coming Back

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For thousands of years, their return was expected by many ancient cultures that have openly worshiped them. Popular religions ended up being created based on their histories and prophecies as well.

They are the fathers of the Sumerians, Mayans and Egyptians, but also of many other cultures that, eventually, changed the names and forms of worshipping.

Their true identity has been misunderstood and forgotten. Nonetheless, their return was programmed, planned and welcomed long time ago. The time has now come for that and is due to the fear of their intervention on earth that many governments have gathered efforts in building underground tunnels for themselves and their military staff, FEMA Camps and RFID Chips.

In this book there’s a channeled message regarding their plans for this time on earth. It is proposed with such information to better understand these beings and their intentions for the human race of our planet.

Why We are Coming Back talk about many tabu subjects.

  1. Democracy
  2. History
  3. What we want
  4. A new beginning
  5. A new order
  6. A conscious awareness


 Democracy has become the worse disease that mankind has ever developed. By allowing the most vicious and able liars to climb above people’s reasonable thinking, you have allowed the whole world to shift in the wrong direction towards self-destruction. Now, you have psychopaths in power, because only they can climb above the most vicious of the human beings without any consideration for them, or even the pain inflicted on them during such climbing.

 As the order has shifted, the purer souls have declined very low in the social hierarchy, to now become the slaves of these sources of evil.

 This is not what we intended, and is not what we want; And that is why we will be coming back. Your planet has become very sick and will soon decrease into a lower level unless someone blows it up forever. We will not allow that! Your earth has its own conscience as a living organism and is crying in pain. [...]


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