Zen Supremacy (ebook)

Zen Supremacy (ebook)

Author: Daniel Marques

This book is divided into five chapters:

Title Zen Supremacy (ebook)
Author Daniel Marques
Type ebook

This book is divided into five chapters:

  • The Spiritual Identity;
  • The Acknowledgement of God;
  • The Perception of Happiness;
  • The Transversality of Pureness;
  • The Achievement of Immortality.

Here, the reader will find a study of these subjects in their relation to zen philosophy, allowing a better understanding of all the topics while permitting an intersection of insights from different approaches that can be related.

The content is supported by more than 20 years practicing zen meditation and its application to modern life, as well as studying the different perspectives described and applied by buddhism and its branches in India, Tibet, Japan and China. [...]

  1. CHAPTER 1 - THE SPIRITUAL IDENTITY | Spiritual levels
  2. Material possession
  3. Denial of being
  4. Acceptance of being
  5. Spiritual identity
  6. CHAPTER 2 - THE ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF GOD | God in buddhism
  7. Jesus in buddhism
  8. Suffering
  9. God within zen
  10. Enlightenment within truth
  11. Demonologic
  12. The delusional soul
  13. CHAPTER 3 - THE PERCEPTION OF HAPPINESS | The perception of pain
  14. The principles of happiness
  15. The ultimate joy
  16. The art of being positive
  17. The best weapon against evil
  18. Stupidity and evilness
  20. The path to enlightenment
  21. The benefits of zen
  22. Why zen?
  23. The purpose of zen
  24. CHAPTER 5 - THE ACHIEVEMENT OF IMMORTALITY | The danger of enlightenment
  25. Buddhist characteristics
  26. Immortality
  27. Stupidity and evilness
  29. The path to enlightenment
  30. The benefits of zen
  31. Why zen?
  32. The purpose of zen
  33. CHAPTER 5 - THE ACHIEVEMENT OF IMMORTALITY | The danger of enlightenment
  34. Buddhist characteristics
  35. Immortality
  36. The layers of awareness
  37. Awakening for truth

Spiritual levels
  Zen, or complete emptiness, is the ultimate level to be achieved in Buddhism; however, that stage already exists within several others:
   State of Possession (or identity outside self);
   State of Being (or identity within self);
   State of Non-being (or zen);
   Path to Enlightenment (or the infinite practice of zen meditation);
   State of Non-Living (or reincarnation in higher realms). [...]

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