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510 Audio Tracks for Podcasts & Book Trailers - 22 Lions Shop

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510 audio tracks for you to use as background music for your podcasts, book trailers, blogs, marketing videos, trailers, youtube videos, and much more!

If you are a blogger, podcaster or an online business owner, using background music and videos is a clever idea. You see, people love to watch videos and listen to podcasts, and according to the statistics, people usually stay longer on webpages with videos and feel more connected to podcasts with background music. The good news it that this package is what you are looking for. You will have a huge variety of sounds to chose from, which allows you to create variety on your shows and presentations, making your videos and podcasts much more addictive and interesting to your listeners.

Paying for the royalty-rights to music use in commercials is expensive. The average cost for the use of a single commercial track is somewhere between $25 and $500 or much more. With this package you will be able to save thousands of dollars.


When you buy this package, you receive files in the following format: MP3.