A Message from the Founder and CEO

This journey begun when I wrote my first book and couldn’t find a trustworthy company to publish it. I did choose one, one of the most famous, even today, and then had to hire a lawyer to end the contract with them, because they wouldn’t allow me to do it and kept putting me in endless cycles of empty promises.

Publishers know that most authors are delusional about the reality of the market, so there’s nothing they do best besides selling dreams and offering endless promises. Very few of them will go the whole way to make a good book sell. Which leads me to one of the reasons why authors are fail: Typically, most authors consider themselves great, and they’re not, but do contribute to a thick smog veil that makes good authors hard to find.

Those are the ones we love the most and everyone wants, but many of them choose the route of self-publishing and then realize the result is the same, i.e., close to zero, if not zero. Many of such authors cannot comprehend why despite the publicity they make, their books still don’t sell.

I have met with many of such authors, who want to know how to achieve the results I got with 22 Lions Publishing. They think there is a secret to success. But when I reveal such secret, they do not believe: It is called hard work. The complexity of the strategy behind such work is what justifies the existence of 22 Lions Publishing.

Authors who self-publish will never get to where they want to be unless they publish with us. It's as simple as that! And, obviously, if they are also willing to put the work themselves to adjust their own writing to our requirements and best suggestions.

Many of such authors, coming from many corners of the globe, quite naturally, struggled to have their books translated to English, or to get their books edited and translated to other languages, and we are here to help with that as well. This is one of our exclusive offers that most publishers don't have.

Some of these authors I met paid thousands of dollars to companies that have no interest whatsoever in helping them go through the challenges of having a book in the market. When compared to that, and everything we do, our structure is very appealing and generous. We do not function with promises. Our strategy is transparent and straightforward. When authors compromise to publishing with us, they either go the whole way or we don't even need them to start.

When authors first started approaching me for help, I was still a college professor. It was only when I decided to create a publishing company that I was able to help them in a more practical way. I also helped myself along the way, because by working through 22 Lions, new doors of opportunities were open.

The company was first registered in New York as Uplifting Books Publishing and only later became known as 22 Lions. The reason for this name is simple: It’s a name anyone can remember. But it is also a symbolic name, rooted in numerology: 2+2=4. Four represents consciousness, consistency, power and responsibility. The Lion is both an astrological but also symbolic animal. It is a totem for courage, justice, and military might. And so, the 22 when combined with lions, is all about what we are as a company: Strategic, trustworthy, and persistent.

22 Lions isn’t just one more company in the book industry. Apart from our solid efforts, we were able to secure agreements and partnerships with major distributors of ebooks, paperbacks and audiobooks. This strategy — of working with the best and be trusted by the best — led us to receive awards, namely:

— Leading Advocate for Inspirational Nonfiction Books USA, by CV Magazine Corporate Excellence Awards 2018;

— Best Digital Bookstore & Publishing Company, by the 2017 Entertainment Awards.

Our books were also selected to be part of numerous TV series on Netflix and Sky One.

Today, we are a known brand that delivers fast and maintains its promises. Reason why many of our readers even prefer to buy the books from our bookstore instead of heading to our retailers.

This success has a much longer background. For many years of my life, I worked as a business development consultant, and took many companies to the top by applying my own evaluations and strategies. What I learned is that trust and value should be mainstream when we wish to get extraordinary results, but, unfortunately, not many see it. Most of the world is engaged in getting a quick and easy profit, and stepping on everyone along the way. Very few business owners believe in quality associated with moral and efficiency.

We prevailed over plenty of disappointments and betrayals based on these experiences, and were able to position more than 200 of the books published with 22 Lions as Top 100 Best Sellers on Amazon, Apple Books and Kobo. Many of these books became number one in the world.

This doesn’t mean we are necessarily open to anyone or willing to turn any book into a No.1 Amazon Best Seller. Our results have conditions and costs. But we are certainly worth the trust of anyone who seeks our contribution.

The world needs good books, that inspire, educate and elevate humanity, and we are here to provide authors with the opportunity to contribute to this vision.

To Your Success!

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