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Course: How to DJ Using Your Laptop Computer

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In this course - How to DJ , you will learn how anyone can DJ by simply using a laptop computer and why so many famous DJs are switching from their decks to the computers or using them altogether in their performances.

This is a course for those willing to learn how to mix tracks easily and upload them to popular websites. And yet, any professional DJ can learn new techniques from this course as well as insights about how to select and play good music live.

This package includes as a bonus 2 ebooks:

  • The Path to Success: Famous DJs Best-Kept Secrets
  • Anyone Can DJ


  1. Materials and Resources
  2. How to Select Your Tracks
  3. How to Synchronize Tracks
  4. How to Make Good Transitions
  5. How to Mix Difficult Tracks
  6. How to Simultaneously Mix 6 Tracks


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