Danmar Chuan Dao: Basic Self-Defense Moves - 22 Lions

Danmar Chuan Dao: Basic Self-Defense Moves

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This book reveals the practical applications of Danmar Chuan Dao, also known as Danmar Boxing and Danmar Kung Fu, in street fights and self defense situations.

The techniques and principles presented here, can be learned, studied and applied by anyone, to gain advantage in a fight, either you are an amateur or a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

You will see that this book can indeed enlighten you into improving your training and ways of thinking about real fights, while giving you an advantage that is still unknown to the vast majority of the martial artists around the world, including self-defense instructors.

In fact, the principles shown here are so simple, that they can be easily learned by children and elders that have never experienced martial arts before, as long as approved by a medical doctor in any of these cases.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that the techniques presented here have been applied in real situations, in different countries, and even against multiple attackers, and have proven themselves to be effective every single time.