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Danmar Chuan Dao: Complete Program

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Dan Mar Chuan Dao Kung Fu, or in Chinese language Dān Mǎ Quán Dào Gōng Fu, is a modern style of kung fu, developed throughout several years of interaction with different kung fu Sifus in China, from north to south, in which there were new learnings and teachings from both sides, not only in the technical field but also, and foremost, philosophical.

The Chinese characters for this martial art are represented as 丹马拳道功夫, accurately meaning the Boxing Way of Dan in Kung Fu.The word kung fu is Cantonese, meaning good technique or good performance, and it was because Danmar ChuanDao was popularized and widely taught in this province to a large amount of students that this definition was chosen.

In this book, you have the complete training program with charts and images to practice on your own, and also create a group of followers. It includes pictures and descriptions for stances, movements, forms, attacks, defenses and grapples. but also for warm-up exercises and energy healing practices based on Chi Gong principles.

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