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Erotica Romana (Audiobook)

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Also known as the Roman ElegiesErotica Romana is von Goethe's literary tribute to human sexuality and eroticism. Written in 24 elegies to emulate classical Roman elegy writers such as Tibullus, Propertius, and Catullus, von Goethe creates a lyrical work of art that has often been subject to censorship because of the erotic content..

  1. Elegy 1
  2. Elegy 2
  3. Elegy 3
  4. Elegy 4
  5. Elegy 5
  6. Elegy 6
  7. Elegy 7
  8. Elegy 8
  9. Elegy 9
  10. Elegy 10
  11. Elegy 11
  12. Elegy 12
  13. Elegy 13
  14. Elegy 14
  15. Elegy 15
  16. Elegy 16
  17. Elegy 17
  18. Elegy 18
  19. Elegyr19
  20. Elegy 20
  21. Elegy 21
  22. Elegy 22
  23. Elegy 23
  24. Elegy 24

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Erotica Romana (Audiobook)

Erotica Romana (Audiobook)

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