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How I Wrote, Published and Promoted 100 Books

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After I published “How to Write, Publish & Promote Your Own Book In As Fast As 3 Hours With 10 Simple Steps” and “Creative Souls” I thought that readers, and especially writers, would appreciate my gifts to them, as I came forward in revealing personal secrets about how to write a good book at lightning speed. But instead, these two books ended up generating the most hateful attacks and derisions I have ever received. They described me as a drug addict and a psychopath, doing pretty much more than what anyone could have done, even if they hated the devil.

Such amazing reactions surely prove that these books are great, because only amazing books can generate fear in so many people. These individuals hate the fact that I reveal how to be a great writer without selling the soul to the devil, as they may have done it, otherwise, I can’t see the explanation for so much anger. On the other hand, many of my frustrated friends and followers are struggling to write their first novel, and keep asking me how I do it. They probably imagine that I’m hiding something transcendental, like maybe a stargate to another dimension. I’ve actually had some curious minds asking me if I talk with dead beings and it took me quite a while to realize that they weren’t joking. I also had readers sending me emails asking to prove that I’m not dead, that my entire biography is true and that I am who I say I am.

Somehow, it seems that when success is abnormal, people need you to justify to them that you deserve it, as if they had the right to judge others and stop them. And that’s exactly where most of the problems writers face start. So much insanity and hate couldn’t possibly be wasted, therefore the idea to write this book was indeed clear, even though it actually reveals the unacceptable truth that everyone asks for: How did I do it? How I wrote nearly 200 books and published more than 100 in just 5 years? Continue to read and you’ll find my hidden secrets. Just don’t expect to like them. Most people can’t handle the truth.

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