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How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Own Book

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Many people have wondered and asked about the speed in which I write my books, about how I published 200 books in less than 6 years. And while there isn’t an answer to this that they can accept easily, many have answered it themselves by believing that I copy the information from outside sources. But many platforms have exhaustingly investigated enough to know that everything is original and there isn’t a single copied content among this entire information.

It’s a fact that most people can’t handle the truth. This truth, when found, can torn apart the world of safe illusions in which they believe. And one of the truths about my writing is that I wrote most of my books in one day only, some in just 3 hours, because it is possible.

After carefully examining the opinions of many authors, regarding their strategies to write and their difficulties, I came to the conclusion that my strategy to write can be worth gold to those that wish to publish a book for the first time. Therefore, I decided to publish my own point of view on this subject, describing the techniques that I use and that allow me, so I believe, to write unique books with rare information and stories with a completely original perspective. It is my purpose with this book on How to Write, not that suddenly the number of books in the world triples, but to promote and help in the creation of content with more quality about topics that really matter to mankind and can be treasured for the future generations.

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