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Seeds of Awareness

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The dual mindset in which we find ourselves all the time, struggling to understand what is right and wrong, good and bad, in which group of people to be or not to be, puts us within a path for a meaning that for many is still confusing. Many people wonder about their life purpose, about how to find themselves and about how to understand existence and its meanings. And in doing so, they tend to neglect the rules of existence or the possibility of such; rules which set the priorities for our values.

It is from these values that truth can emerge. And so, only when our values are aligned with the universal truth, can they guide us there.

In this book - Seeds of Awareness, several real life examples and perspectives are shown, in order to guide you towards the center of your true self, your heart and soul, in order to help you better understand the world and humanity in particular. It is a book intended to help you find enlightenment, confidence and inner peace.

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